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I am a passionate educator, entrepreneur; author of an acclaimed book on communication that is available in 9 countries.

but more importantly,

I am also one of India’s very few Avian Researchers and the vice-president of “The Feline Club of India” which is India’s only cat registry!

I dream of a world where everyone has access to learning and believe that the right life skills can catapult everyone's career into growth!

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Amidst the many things I have done, I feel particularly content and happy about teaching and creating an impact on lives of 

50000+ Students 
from over 25+ Countries

Being a third-generation educator, I try to inspire and encourage individuals to realize their true potential. I never tire of using my energy to transform the world, well-beyond the podium and public appearances, meshing traditional and social media to empower my audiences. I have trained tens of thousands of Graduates, empowering them over years to build successful careers.

I have pursued my MBA from MDI Gurgaon, which is one of India’s top B-schools; and my MiM from ESCP Europe, the world’s oldest and leading one. I dream of an India where all students have equal access to quality education, and an education system that moves beyond theories and towards building key skills in learners. I feel that continuous learning is the need of the hour and dedicates my free time to learning new skills.

I have worked with Career Launcher as HoA - Head of Academics and trained thousands of students for entrance exams and placement preparations. I have carried out internal Faculty Development Programs and am credited for creating a Stong Student Oriented Teaching Methodology in CL's Nashik Center. I have worked on placement projects with dozens of UnderGrad, Grad, and PG Colleges. My students have achieved results including getting into several of their dream colleges like IITs, IIMs, NLUs, IHMs, etc. In 2018, my student was ranked AIR 1 in Hotel Management MH-CET. Likewise, I have also been one of the top educators on Unacademy for my stint as a CAT educator for the platform

Apart from academics, I have pursued my passion for pets by organizing pet-events across India and that of ornithology by setting-up and working as a curator for "Owara Tweet Park" - Maharashtra's first bird park. I have studied and worked extensively with about 25 species of parrots for their behavior and conservation through captive breeding and reintroduction in wild. I have worked with zoos, and national parks in India and have been a speaker for the topic in several Indian Avian Conventions.

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