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The Complete Guide to communication skills and public speaking!

Ajinkya is the author of the book "Connect to Lead" which is a complete guide on public speaking and communication skills. It's a work of his learnings from teaching - tens of thousands of students to build their soft skills and his journey of evolving from a petrified (to talk in front of a class) school student to a public orator.

The book is launched in India on Amazon and Flipkart in paperback and hardcover formats.
The paperback version of the book is also launched globally in the following markets: USA, Japan, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy via their respective amazon sites.
The E-book Kindle version is available across the globe in 196 countries and territories!

With changing time, our communication methods have also largely evolved - The book covers ways and hacks for crafting and delivering effective speeches and Impromtu talks, as well as chapters on Video conferencing, talking to the camera (making videos) and use of social media, etc. It teaches step by step ways how we should overcome glossophobia and build our people skills down-up. It has detailed chapters on preparing for interviews both from fresh graduates and professionals looking for a job change. Because communication skills are important for both our personal and professional lives, the book is a handy guide to people of all ages and streams to lead their careers.
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