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Be an Exemplary Communicator.

Think – If your people skills were effective and communications productive; what would it mean for your career? Would it raise your chances of promotion? Will those skills also help you in your personal relationships? Most often the answer is YES!


Part 1: Giving Effective Speeches

All the essentials of public speaking like creating a good layout, useful hacks for influencing the audience, command over language, effective tips for better listening, have been included in this module.

Part 2: Body Language

Important aspects like body language, dress code, voice modulation, and other etiquettes, the subtle and the obvious, all are covered in this module.

Part 3: Other Formats of Communication

Public Speaking is not the only form of communication. After all, communication is multi-faceted. Therefore, all the other formats along with brilliant techniques to excel in them are the highlights in this module.

Part 4: Job Interviews

Interviews have become such a common part of life. Even so, we are yet to reach that stage of having flawless communication in these interviews. This module exists to help you have the best interview experience ever.

Part 5: New Frontiers of Communication

Communication is always transforming and evolving with the need of time. This module throws light on such new media of communication and corresponding best practices.

Part 6: Speeches for Reference

What's a book about communication without mentions of the greatest speeches in the world? This final module is a collection of all the noteworthy and inspiring speeches made till date.

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