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Career Development Amidst Covid-19 Crisis

A free ebook that will lead you to success. Building career post-pandemic; your problem, our solutions. 

The crisis is over; it's now time to rebuild!


What this book is all about?

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Covid-19 pandemic took the entire world by storm. Economies came rolling down, thus giving rise to unemployment. Job markets have changed drastically and growing your career in such a crisis has become a challenge for everyone. This book addresses, exactly this challenge.


This ebook reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on Job markets and will give you insights into the future of jobs post-pandemic. This free ebook attempts at providing actionable solutions for your career growth post-pandemic. 

What Can You Expect From This Ebook?

This ebook would give you insights into:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on the job market

  • Challenges that COVD-19 has put in front of us

  • Post-COVID scenario

  • Emerging Jobs and career opportunities post-COVID 

  • High-in-demand skills post-COVID

  • How can you revive your career post-COVID

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About the Author

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Ajinkya is a successful entrepreneur; author of an acclaimed book that is available in 9 countries, and a passionate educator.​ He is also one of India’s very few Avian Researchers and the vice-president of “The Feline Club of India” which is India’s only cat registry!

Being a third-generation educator, he inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential. Ajinkya never tires of using his energy to transform the world, well beyond the podium and public appearances, meshing traditional and social media to empower his audiences. He has trained tens of thousands of Graduates, empowering them over years to build successful Careers.

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