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The Complete Interview Preparation Course

The most comprehensive guide on interview preparation. This course includes everything from your job search to post interview followup tips which can be instrumental in getting your dream job.

This is an Evolving course which is updated with the latest trends

The course is available in English and it is pre-recorded

Course Price

Rs. 249 

Course Duration

4+ Hours

This Course Includes:

  • 5 Modules

  • Downloadable Resources

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Full-Time Access

Rs 2500
90% Off

(627 Ratings)


Special Perks:

  • Regular Tips and inputs for career development on a special WhatsApp group

  • Free Access to join my future live sessions

For those who have already enrolled and have access to the course

Who is this course for:
  • Job Seeking freshers
  • Anyone looking to improve their Interview Skills
  • Students, college grads and anybody who want to crack interviews
  • For people who are appearing for interviews
  • Anyone who wants to scale up in a career
  • Experienced professional looking for a job change
  • People who lack confidence in their Interviews
What you will learn:
  • Most important interview skills
  • How to search for jobs
  • Stages of Interviews
  • How to prepare a resume for interviews
  • Complete guide on how to answer commonly asked questions effectively
  • Types of interviews and how to ace them
  • Dress code and body language during the interview
  • How to answer impromptu questions effectively
  • Most effective interview preparation framework
Ajinkya Chopade

Ajinkya is a successful entrepreneur; author of an acclaimed book that is available in 9 countries, and a passionate educator.

He is the co-founder of Target Campus, Maharashtra’s leading institute for career development. ​Ajinkya is also one of India’s very few Avian Researchers and the vice-president of “The Feline Club of India.” which is India’s only cat registry!

He is a recipient of the prestigious "Karmaveer Chakra Award" given by the United Nations! Academically he has cracked the CAT exam with a 99+ percentile three times in 2017,18 and 19.

About the Course

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and get selected for your dream job?

A job interview is the best medium to showcase your knowledge and skills. Too many job seekers directly jump into full-scale job searching activities without any preparation other than crafting a resume. Although resume can be the first step to get selected for the process but to get selected for job interviews you need to prepare yourself further.

Welcome to "The Complete Interview Preparation Course" specially designed for job seekers.

The current job market is becoming more competitive with thousands of applicants applying for a single job position. It is very important to distinguish yourself from other candidates in a way that will make sure you are in prime advantage. 

Preparing for job interviews is not difficult but you need to prepare strategically considering all the factors interviewers want from your side. This course will give you insights on:

  • How to answer 20+ common and most important interview questions

  • Learn to convert simple answers into effective answers

  • Dress code for any job interview

  • Job Interview Stages

  • Types of job interviews

  • Body language tips

  • Impromptu questions and similar topics that would be helpful in making interview preparation easier

This course is divided into five modules. If techniques and tips followed and implemented sincerely it will improve your interview cracking skills and can land you a dream job.​


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Medha  Abhang 

The course is very good. Thank you for such an informative course, sir, I got answers to many queries which I had about interviews. Also got an idea on how to effectively prepare for interviews.  Before completing this course, I was very nervous about interviews. But the way you elaborated with examples has now boosted my confidence. Wish to attend more such courses.

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Rahul Lonare

The way Ajinkya sir delivers the information is quite impressive and easy to understand.  I got to learn very important interview tips and questions.  The way he explained how to answer each interview question helped me to understand where to focus on while answering. This is the best course for any job seeker to ace the interview process. 

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Yukta Dethe

It is an awesome and very informative course. I have learned and understood so many things related to the interview skills and preparation. I am looking forward to more such courses in the future.

In addition to interviewing tips the points on how to choose career paths were great. thankyou so much sir.

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Sagar Shinde

This is the most complete interview guide for any candidate who is preparing for jobs. Specially the material provided in the course is very good and made the interview preparation process easy for me.

When you will attend the course you will get valuable resources worth

Rs 10,000 for free!

Rewards that you will get along with the course are: 

  • E-book on acing the interview

  • Many downloadable resources to make your interview preparation easier.

  • Step by step procedure on how to ace difficult interviews

These are the coming along with the course available only for you.​

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