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Opportunities seldom knock twice. You better be ready, when they do! 

Interviews are your opportunity to convert your job application into an offer letter. Interviews can be scary and to ease down your worries, here are free, downloadable worksheets and checklists related to all important interview topics.


These worksheets and checklists can aid you in your interview preparation and you can ace any type of interview.


So, what are you waiting for?


Download them right away!


Tips to ace an interview

Interviews can make you anxious. Cracking an interview needs practice and preparation. However, sometimes, despite enough preparation, you make mistakes leading to your rejection. To help you avoid interview-day anxiety, listed in this worksheet are a few tips that can help you ace your interview.

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Interview Day To-do checklist

Have you ever rushed on the day of your interview? Forgotten something important? Lost on your way to the interview venue? That's an 11th-hour rush! And interviews often cause this type of rush. And to avoid this rush, you need to tick off each item on this interview day to-do checklist! 

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Important documents to carry for an interview

Documents play an important role in an interview. They act as proof of all your educational and extra-curricular achievements and experiences. Carrying important documents for an interview is thus a must. And it might happen that you forget to carry important documents on the day of the interview. To help you collect all the important documents prior to the interview, here this very useful checklist.

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Dressing for an interview

Dressing correctly for an interview is as important as crafting a good resume. The right outfit will always increase your confidence and show your professionalism. A good outfit will imprint a good impression of yours on the recruiter. Confused about how to choose a perfect interview outfit? Here's the checklist that will help!

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Things to do before a virtual interview

The pandemic has changed our perspectives and working styles. Recruiters have switched to the use of technology for the process of recruitment. In-person interviews are nowadays greatly replaced by virtual interviews. While the majority of the preparation remains the same; virtual interviews need some extra preparation such as tech-check. This checklist has all such points that you need to check before appearing for virtual interviews.

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Post-interview best practices

Interviews consist of three stages. The pre-interview stage, the mid-interview, and the post-interview stage. We prepare quite a lot for the mid-interview stage but often neglect the importance of post-interview best practices. Refer to this worksheet+checklist to know what are post-interview bestpractices! 

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Sample answers to common interview questions

Interviewers tend to ask common interview questions in order to assess a candidate's overall behavior and attitude. Common interview questions can catch you off guard if you are not prepared for them. This worksheet consists of some of the most common interview questions and a few sample answers that will help you craft answers to these type of questions.

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