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Ajinkya's Passion  &  Obsession

Ajinkya is an ornithologist who has worked extensively with many parrot species.

To follow his passion he setup his aviary 'Shree Krushna Aviary'  and his bird park ' Owara tweet Park'. Since then he has worked and helped set up multiple aviaries and parks in India.

North Maharashtra's first bird park dedicated to raise awareness on bird keeping. Once house to 100s of birds from 30+ species.


A state of the art Avicultural Facility dedicated to upkeep and conservation of birds!


Ajinkya is an avian researcher and his journey from a child budgie-keeper to setting up his aviary is a testament of his passion towards birds.


What initially started as a small setup for Cockatiels (Nymphicus Hollandicus) gradually went on to rear dozens of species of birds. Shree Krushna Aviary(SKA) now is a state of art avian research facility housing and rearing birds. 

SKA also has one of North Maharashtra's best hand-rearing nursery. It employs best practices from around the world and maintains stringent data collection procedures. These are used to study various key parameters of the growth of birds

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