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11 Things You Should Never Say in a Job Interview

Updated: May 14, 2021

The interviewer calls you for an interview after going through your resume. Now it's time for you to make an impression.

Every word you say is being scrutinized during an interview. The interview is a dual conversation and the interviewer gives you a chance to ask questions about the company or the job role.

From your questions too, the interviewer tests your ability, quick response, and maturity level. Therefore the wrong word or the wrong question can lower your chances of getting hired.

Asking questions like:

"What does your company do?", "What is the nature of your boss?",

"I really need this job and I am willing to do anything!",

"My biggest weakness is ...."

"I Can Do That, No Problem"

Even if the recruiter sees you as a potential candidate, such questions can prove to be a disadvantage on your part.

Asking questions like those listed above shows your immaturity. Asking something like 'what does your company does' shows that you have no idea about where you are applying for a job.

You are not interested in knowing what the company does before applying. And this might form your image as a laid-back, careless person in the mind of the recruiter.

Not that this alone reason will lead to your rejection. But you need to ensure that you impress the employer as much as you can in order to increase your chances of getting hired.

Listed here are 11 things you should never say in a job interview.

11 things that you should never say in a job interview:

11 Things You Should Never Say in Job Interview

1. What’s The Job Title or Job Role?

If you ask this question, it shows that you are not prepared for the interview.

Reading the job description and understanding the roles and responsibilities is something you are supposed to do even before applying.

Everything is included in the job description. The job title, roles, responsibilities, skills required, and sometimes, even the seniority level.

Asking this question during an interview indicates you haven't read the job description carefully. And the interviewer might think 'why are you even applying if you don't know what job you're supposed to do!'.

And if you basically don't know the job role, how do you think you are a perfect fit for it? So, avoid doing his terrible mistake.

11 Things You Should Never Say in Job Interview

2. That’s a Nice Question!

Despite knowing the fact that an interview is a formal, professional conversation, candidates become a little too comfortable with the interviewer.

This leads you to blurt out something like this: 'That's a nice question!'

The interview process has no scope for jokes and sarcasm. It is and it has to be strictly professional. Saying something like this might make the interviewer feel disrespected.

Therefore, simply answer the question that the interviewer asks. Whether you like the question or not.

3. I’ve Never Done This Type of Work Before, But...

The interviewer only checks how you respond to difficult questions. This shows your critical thinking abilities.

An interviewer is not interested in the entire explanation of what you have done and what you have not. So, avoid saying that I have not done this type of work before. Instead, show your readiness to learn new things.

Keep a positive approach. Tell the interviewer if you have any knowledge about the question. If not, say that you can learn and try to apply things to the best of your potential.

4. Do People Enjoy Working Here?

Instead of asking this straight, you can ask questions related to the company's environment and work culture.

11 Things You Should Never Say in Job Interview

5. I Don’t Have Any Questions for You:

The interview is not only about answering the questions.

You too, get an opportunity to ask questions to the interviewer. You can ask about the seniority of the job, the company's environment, and work culture.

Prepare the questions beforehand that you want to ask the recruiter. It will create a good impact on the interviewer if you ask relevant questions. Asking a question will show your presence of mind, and leadership quality.

11 Things You Should Never Say in Job Interview

6. My Boss Was Terrible!:

Complaining about how your boss was is not appropriate.

Even if you didn't get along with the working style of your previous boss don't bring this thing up in an interview.

Complaining about having a terrible boss shows your lack of ability to handle tough people and tough situations.

It shows that you don't have control over your emotions and you struggle to get along with people. So, never bring your bad past job experiences in an interview. That creates an overall bad impression of yours rather than that of your boss.

7. It’s on My Resume:

The interviewer goes through your resume before or while interviewing you. He or she knows what you have mentioned in your resume.

Whenever the interviewer asks you a question regarding a point in your resume, he or she wants to know more about it. They want to elaborate on a fact or an experience that you have mentioned in your resume.

So, go on telling the interviewer what he or wants to know. This will show that you have gone through your resume and have not added anything fake to it.

8. My Biggest Weakness is Perfectionism:

Statements like these can put up a very wrong impression of yours on the recruiter. Using such phrases might show you as arrogant. It’s an overly used cliche.

Instead, accept your weaknesses and tell the recruiter what efforts you are taking to overcome them.

11 Things You Should Never Say in Job Interview

9. Sorry, I’m Late:

If you are late on the day of the interview, it shows that you are not punctual.

The recruiter may think that after he or she hires you, you will be late usually.

Therefore, estimate the time required to reach the company in advance. Decide on which route you will take and make sure you reach at least 15 minutes before the interview.

11 Things You Should Never Say in Job Interview

10. When We’ll Be Finished Here?

Generally, the interview takes 15-20 minutes for the initial round and then mostly 1 hour if you have to go through any technical tests.

You need to be patient. Being patient will show your sincerity and dedication. Avoid asking this question.

The interview date and time are already known to you. Make sure you don't have any other important appointments on your interview day.

11. What exactly does this company does anyway?

If you show that you don't know anything about the company, then it shows that you are not interested in the company.

You are not serious about the interview and job position. This question might reduce your chances of getting selected to a larger extent.

Now that you know what not to ask in an interview, you can focus on relevant questions that you will ask the recruiter.

Remember, an interview is a two-way process. The way recruiter interviews you to see if you are a good fit for the company. Similarly, you too are in the process of assessing if the company is right for you. And hence, asking relevant questions to the interviewer is very important.

Go ahead and questions to the interviewer regarding the company's environment, work culture, other values, ongoing projects, challenges, etc. Note down the questions that you need to ask before going for an interview. Make sure that you don't ask inappropriate questions which will create a bad impression on the recruiter.

So? what are the questions that you will ask your recruiter in your next interview? Let us know in the comments.


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