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6 Most Effective Resources For Learning English and How to Choose them

The internet has opened a treasure of knowledge for us. Think of a topic, a service, or just anything, the internet has all the necessary information regarding it. May it be a topic of science, research, current affairs, travel destinations, or a language; the internet has it all. Learning English is no exception.

Go on to the internet, ask for it and it opens this huge bundle of resources. Having these many resources and information available at our fingertips is a boon. However, having so much on your plate can make it difficult for you to choose the right resource.

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. -Brian Herbert

Willing to learn English? Want to excel at written and oral English communication? Searching for resources to learn English? Confused where to start from? This blog's just for you. We have come up with this article to help you choose the right and the most effective resource that suits your requirements.

Without further ado, let's dive in!

6 Most Effective Resources for Learning English

Here's a list of the 6 most effective resources that you can use for learning English based on your goals and requirements.

1. Podcasts and Audiobooks

If you aim at speaking fluently, podcasts will work better for you.

Learning through listening can be a bit weird, but listening to podcasts will help you understand pronunciations, accent, rhythm, and stress on words while speaking.

There are a variety of platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes hosting thousands of podcasts on different topics. The same is the case with audiobooks.

Choose your platform. Choose the topic of your interest. Pug in the earphones and start learning.

2. YouTube

Yes, you heard it right. YouTube is one of the platforms that provide numerous resources to help you learn English.

If you feel uncomfortable with learning just by listening, YouTube is your go-to place.

You can find a variety of visually engaging content on YouTube. You can find a lot of channels offering English learning classes. You can choose the one that interests you and fulfills your objectives.

3. Movies and Web series

Bored of learning and studying all day long? Want to have some fun? If yes, then this option's just for you.

You can convert your fun-time into a productive fun-time by simply listening to the way these actors express themselves in English.

Additionally, you can turn on the caption so that you can go through new words and maybe, pick out some as your vocabulary exercise. However, while opting for this option, make sure you don't pick up the slang language that is used in movies and web series as a part of creative liberty.

4. Books, articles, and newspapers

Love to read? This one's for you. You can choose to read books and articles on different topics from different niches to improve your English.

Books, articles, and news feeds are a great way to learn especially when your aim to write better in English.

Books give you a more descriptive way of writing. Articles help you understand the organization of information. Newsfeeds, magazines are usually to-the-point pieces of writing.

Giving out more information in a lesser number of words. Reading can drastically improve your vocabulary and is a method of learning suggested by many.

5. Online courses

A variety of platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare offer numerous courses on English speaking and writing skills.

You can invest in these courses by assessing the level they provide.

Online courses are a good way to learn since you have the freedom of learning from anywhere and at any time.

The courses available on these platforms range from those for beginners to advance. Assess your abilities to speak in English and enroll in these courses accordingly.

6. Chat with the Chatbots

Chatbots are basically programmed chatting robots that initiate a human conversation.

Chatting with chatbots can be a fun way of learning English.

You can take to a machine the way you would talk to a human without being judged.

Chatbots are a good option when you are supposed to learn English all by yourself. When you have no one to practice English with.

Now that we know what resources can help you learn English and in what way, let us now see how to choose the one that best suits you.

How to Choose the Best One Among the Overflooding resources on the Internet?

1. Make a Concrete Plan

Your goal is to be able to effectively use English in both verbal and written communication.

This is a well-defined, long-term goal where you wish to reach sooner or later. Now that you know your goal, make a plan.

Make a concrete plan which would include all the steps that you would take to learn English in order to fulfill your goal.

Create a step-by-step chart and then go ahead on to the actual learning process. Also, decide how quickly you wish to reach your goal. In a month, six months, or a year. This would help you choose your resources accordingly.

2. Note Down your Objectives

Before you decide to sign up for a resource, make sure you note down all your objectives.

Make it clear as to what you expect from a resource.

Is speaking fluently in English your objective or is it writing correctly? This will give you a better idea of which resource should you go for.

3. Consider Your Learning Style

Determine what your learning style is. Choose a resource that is aligned with your learning style.

Choose to go for a visually engaging resource if you are a visual learner. Go for podcasts, audiobooks if you are comfortable with learning by listening.

Go for articles and books if you are oriented towards writing effectively. Choosing a resource that aligns with your learning style will make your learning easier and your progress faster.

4. Conduct a Research

Conduct thorough research on which resources are available and which ones suit your goals the best. While you carry out the research make sure you consider the following points:

  • Is the resource authentic?: Remember, you are here to learn, and in no way can you afford to opt for a resource that gives away wrong information. Check the authenticity of the resource before you proceed to decide.

  • Does this resource fulfill my requirements?: Go back to the objectives point and see if the resource has the potential to tick off all your objectives. If not all, make sure you get the maximum out of it in minimum time and effort.a

  • How much does this resource cost?: Look for the cost and pricing of the resource. Check what the resource has to offer at a given price. Compare the resource and the price with other resources and then go ahead with investing in it.

  • Do other people like this resource?: Check for the reviews of the resource. See if people have used it before. How many have, and what are their opinions on it? See if they are benefitted from the resource. Be assured of its worth completely and then go on choosing it.

This was all about finding and choosing resources on the internet that would assist you in your journey of learning English.

Learning English requires consistency and practice. All the resources mentioned above could only help you when you allow them to. Your determination to learn English decides whether these resources prove to be useful for you or not.

The internet is flooding with information and resources. Every second a new piece of information gets added or updated on the internet. Every second, a new resource is uploaded.

While we have the luxury to choose from tonnes of different resources, choosing the right resource and making the most out of it is solely in our hands. Unless you decide to learn, unless you decide to make use of the internet for your growth, your benefit; no amount of resources will work for you.

So, set your goals, get determined, and you will surely succeed.

What's your goal, and which resource suits you the best? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Learning!


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