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6 Tips to Write an Effective Email

Electronic mail or email is a way to exchange professional messages between people using electronic devices. E-mail is a widely accepted way of communication for governments, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and corporate organizations.


A study conducted in 2010 on workplace communication said that 83% of U.S. employers felt email was an effective tool for their success and productivity at work.


An email can professionally convey an important message when written effectively. Effective emails also have the power to persuade people.

We come across a lot of instances in professional life where we are required to write an email.

For example, contacting a friend for some professional reason. An email for job application, internship, scholarship, interview process, etc. A reminder for an important meeting, to send the updates, exchange information, and for marketing and selling purposes and so on.

I do love email. Wherever possible I try to communicate asynchronously. I'm really good at email. Elon Musk

The format of an email can differ according to its purpose and the receiver. However, there are certain things to keep in mind while writing an email.

Dig into the article to know more.

Consider the following points to write an effective email:

6 tips to write an effective email

1. Don’t over-communicate:

E-mail is widely used for business communication between colleagues and clients. The office workers receive many emails in a single day. It can be confusing for the recipient to read and identify which email is important if your content is not up to the mark. E-mail is not as secure as you think it is. Therefore before writing an email consider the information that you want to share. Only write information related to the main subject. Ask the receiver how much and how often they want to communicate and then send the email. You can use keywords in the subject line so the recipient understands what message you want to convey. Avoid sharing personal details and sensitive data in an email.

6 tips to write an effective email

2. Meaningful Subject line:

The summary of your email is the subject line. The one-word subject line, blank subject line, and words like ‘free’ in the subject line are often ignored or marked as spam. Only if the receiver has added you to the safe list this will not be considered as a spam message. The subject line can tempt people to open the message and set expectations about what is really enclosed within. The subject line should be relevant to your email and should give your message in brief.

For example: If your email contains an attachment only, you can write in the subject line: ‘’Please check the attachment” or “Attachment Only”. If it is a follow-up message then write “Follow up about Friday” and for meeting purposes, you can write the subject as “Team meeting about new project-11 a.m. 5th August 2020”.

6 tips to write an effective email

3. Clear and concise message:

Emails are like formal letters. So keep the sentences short and meaningful to save time. The receiver may have little time to go through your email, so write a brief message with key points. When editing an email, delete the unrelated information and use simple sentences by removing filler words. If you want to send the information related to different topics then write a separate email for each topic. It will make your message clear and easy to read and the receiver will be able to respond separately to each topic and no confusion will prevail.

6 tips to write an effective email

4. Be Polite:

Email is a professional letter for communication between professionals. Include a thoughtful greeting and closing to show your professionalism and politeness. The messages you send through mail can show how professional you are, your values, and how attentive you are. The way to show politeness in the mail is through formal language. Avoid using slang language, jargon, filler words, and inappropriate abbreviations. Emojis can be used only if you know the person well. The receiver may print the emails or can share them with others, so avoid using abusive or angry words. Use "Yours sincerely," "Regards," or "All the best," depending on the purpose while closing the mail.

5. Check the tone:

The confusion or misinterpretation may occur as a consequence of the choice of words and inappropriate punctuations. You can not express what was your body language and emotion while writing about a particular topic in the mail. Try to set the tone of the email by using the right words in the right place. Before sending the mail check for typo errors and tone of writing to communicate your message more effectively. You can mention "You can contact me if you have any doubts", this will make communication smoother and confusion-free.

6. Proofreading:

reCheck your email thoroughly before hitting the 'send' button. Emails with a lot of errors show how unprofessional you are. Spelling mistakes and typing errors in your email show carelessness or impatience. Catching errors and improving your email is easy to do when you know how to edit and proofread. Review your email for grammar, spelling, inappropriate words, and punctuation mistakes. People are more likely to read short messages, so while proofreading, check the length of your message, and don’t overcommunicate. Avoid unnecessary information and keep your email short, simple, and clear.

Now that you know what points to take into consideration while writing an email, you can make sure to write effective emails and spread your messages in a clear and concise format.

Emails have been widely used for communication in the corporate world and also in day-to-day life. Writing an effective email can make your work easier as it will communicate your thoughts effectively to the receiver.

Email writing is very important in today's world but still, many of us struggle to write a professional email. Using professional language, a good subject line, and the body of the message while sending an email are very important. Follow the above tips to write an email that can communicate your message effectively.


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