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7 Ways to Impress Employers

With ever-increasing competition, it has become a need of the hour to stand out from the crowd in order to get a job. With a lot of people choosing the same path to walk on, you need to make sure that the focus is on you and you shine bright.

The process of getting a job starts with submitting a résumé and ends with a personal interview. While you go through this process, you need to make sure that you impress the employer through your skills and abilities. Impress, through your will, through your behavior, and create a strong urge in the recruiter’s mind to shortlist you.

Being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone don't be some else, just be yourself -Selena Gomez

Here are 7 simple tricks that will help you impress employers:

7 Ways to Impress Employers

1. Update your resume according to the job requirement

A resume is a very first thing that comes into the picture when you apply for a job. A resume is a brief introduction of you. A resume highlights your skills and abilities and education and experience. It is your first impression. And if the recruiter spots skills that he was looking for at the first glance, the chances are high that he will consider you for the further selection process. It is thus; very important to update and align your résumé based on the job requirements before applying. Go through the job description thoroughly. Make sure you use keywords to highlight skills relevant to job requirements. Study and understand what the employer is looking for and serve on his plate exactly what he wants. After all, a good start is a job half done.

2. Prepare

Prepare well for the interview. Go through the most common interview questions and craft your answers for them. Research the company well through its website and social media handles. Understand the core values and work culture of the company. Look for the company’s vision and mission. Make sure it is aligned with your goals. Show, through your preparation, your willingness to work with that organization. Keep a check on your body movements. Keep your gestures genuine. Don’t forget to smile!

7 Ways to Impress Employers

3. Market Yourself

Create your personal brand. Showcase your strengths and abilities. Support them by an incident or an experience. Know your weaknesses and work to overcome them. Build your network. Interact with the employer confidently. Pull the employer's attention towards the skills and abilities you possess. Document experiences that will strongly represent your strengths. Write with such conviction that the employer reads till the end.

7 Ways to Impress Employers

4. Grow Your Experiences

An eye-catching, strong, relevant experience will convince the employer regarding your creditability for the job position. This may help them to think that you are a better fit for the role as compared to other candidates. You can go for a certificate or a complementary skill that adds value to your experience. Internships volunteered work, and extracurricular activities have their own importance in stating your abilities. Don’t forget to add them.

5. Be Persistent

Stay positive and persistent. Implement perseverance. Finding the best job can be a tedious and time-consuming job. Not every opportunity will be meant for you. Even if you find a certain job perfect for you, you might not be a perfect fit for the requirements of that job. Do not stress. What is meant for you will come around. And what’s meant for you will also be the best for you. So don’t give up. Upskill yourself constantly. Keep updating your resume and social media profiles. Keep trying. Because where there’s a will, there’s a way!

7 Ways to Impress Employers

6. Be Enthusiastic

Every employer will look after an enthusiastic, committed, sincere and determined individual to work for this organization. Therefore, you must show your willingness and interest to work with them. Show your commitment. Your enthusiasm. And assure them that you will give your best if given a chance. Always carry a positive attitude. Be optimistic. Implementing these things will surely make a difference.

7 Ways to Impress Employers

7. Dress for Success

Dressing sense can reveal a lot of personality traits. So, dress well. Having a decent dressing style can show your sincerity and professionalism. Neat and clean attire shows how well organized you are. Dress up well for an interview. The way your resume is your first written impression, the way you dress for an interview is your first visual impression on the recruiter. Also, dressing up will boost your confidence and you can rock the interview.

Through the entire job application and selection process, you need to show your involvement and engagement with the concerned position and the organization.

Keeping in mind the above-listed tips, you can better impress the employer and increase your chance of getting hired.

As necessary as it is to build a strong resume, it is important to convince the employer about the skills and abilities you possess. The better you market yourself, the better you convince the employer with conviction that you have what he’s been looking for.

Being prepared for every challenge, tactfully handling difficult situations, keeping a positive attitude can surely give you an edge in this world full of competition.

What is your greatest strength that will impress the employer the most? Let us know in the comments.


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