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8 Things Recruiters notice in Resume at First Glance

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Getting a good job is quite difficult because of the tough competition in the market. Resume is a medium that gives recruiters a brief idea about one's potential and caliber. It acts as your first impression on the recruiter. To get selected, your resume needs to impress the interviewer within seconds.

40% of hring managers spend less than a minute reviewing a resume.
25% Recruiters spend less than 30 seconds

Recruiters and hiring managers receive hundreds of applications for a single role and have very little time to decide on which resume should be progressed for an interview. In order to make an immediate impression, your resume should communicate the following points in a proper format.

The following are the 8 most important factors which Recruiters notice in your Resume at first glance:

1. Format of the resume:

It is very important to have a resume that is well structured and sequential. You can get ideas for various designs and formats of resume on "Free resume templates". A well-structured resume can increase your chances of getting selected and standing out amongst your competitors. A resume written in paragraphs can be annoying for recruiters, therefore one should always use pointers wherever possible.

The length of the resume is one more factor that should be considered while designing a professional resume.

8 Things Recruiters notice in Resume at First Glance
Resume longer than 2 pages is a deal-breaker for 17% of the hiring managers.

Hiring managers don't even look at your resume if it exceeds a 2-pages. An ideal resume should be of a single page.

2. Keywords:

You might know that keywords are key for any internet search, But do you know the significance of keywords in your resume?

When a job posting is done you receive a job description and a job specification. These list out the educational qualification required skills that a candidate must possess. When applying for any job position you should search for 10-15 keywords that you will match the list of requirements in the Job Description and Specification and use them in your resume. This will help to grab the attention of hiring managers at first glance. Doing this will also show the recruiter that you have understood the job position before applying and gone through the job description carefully.

3. Education:

This section is majorly important for the fresher candidates because they don't have work experience. This section helps the recruiter to get a brief academic overview of the candidate. It also tells about the seriousness and hard work which a candidate puts in his/her work.

However, in some instances, companies might give weightage for this section even in the case of experienced candidates.

8 Things Recruiters notice in Resume at First Glance

With increasing work experience the significance of scores and marks become lower and lower. Yet the education section is important and it shouldn't be omitted from resume. This section should be ideally put up in reverse chronological order, meaning your recent education coming at the top and followed by your prior educational degrees.

4. Work experience:

This section will tell about your current status to the recruiter. So, only specifying your job title will not be enough here. This section should convey the three W's to the Recruiter:

  • What is your current Job?

  • Why are you an asset to your company?

  • Who do you work within your team?

Through "What", the recruiters get to know about what you do in the organization. Through "Who", you tell them which company you were working with and what was the size of the team you have worked with before.

"Why" Describes, why you are an asset to the company. This includes presenting your skillsets and giving recruiter an idea of how you would be an asset to them.

5. Achievements:

Hiring managers love to see results, so if you have mentioned about your achievements in your resume, that will show the recruiter how focused you are to achieve your goals. It is therefore recommended that your achievements should be clearly mentioned. The relevant ones can be highlighted too.

6. Definite skills & abilities:

The hiring managers often look for particular skillsets to fulfill job requirements. If you have those skillsets, it increases the likelihood of your selection for the job. Try to complete some kind of online certification/course in the domain that is directly relevant to the job so that such pointers can be added to your resume.

7. Use of grammar and language:

An estimated 77% of hiring managers immediately disqualify resumes because of grammatical mistakes or typos

Though hiring managers don't spend a lot of time reading resumes, glaring errors have a sneaky way of making themselves obvious even during a brief scan. Before you send out your resume, proofread it thoroughly. Then walk away for a good five or six hours and do so again. Keep in mind that spell-check programs won't necessarily pick up on grammatical errors, so don't just rely on them.

8 Things Recruiters notice in Resume at First Glance

8. Easy to read & No inconsistencies:

Ensure the layout of your resume is clear and consistent, containing only one type of font (bold can be used to highlight). Use bullet points to outline skills, achievements, responsibilities, etc.

Ensure your resume runs in reverse chronological order and is written as concisely as possible.


It is very much well know that there is a serious dearth of good jobs in the market because of increasing competition. Nowadays recruiters and hiring managers look for the candidate who has skills and can deal with stress and workload at the same time. 8 points mentioned above will help you to improve your resume and improve your chance of getting selected for your dream job.


For more advice on perfecting your resume and making it stand out amongst others here are some helpful resume tips.

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