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8 Ways to Grow Your Connections on LinkedIn

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

LinkedIn can help you greatly in building your network. Find new connections, build professional relationships, and find opportunities for career growth.

LinkedIn hosts hundreds of million users from more than 200 countries. This is a very big number and one can find experts from a variety of fields. Increasing the number of connections on LinkedIn can help you find job opportunities, or potential clients if you run a business.

Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, your uniqueness, what you stand for. - Christine Lynch

LinkedIn helps you to connect with professionals, build relationships with them, and provides you the leads that can help you grow your career. With a strong LinkedIn profile, you can grab the attention of potential employers.

They might contact you based on your skills and abilities. You might get recommended by some of your connections for a job or they can help you to get clients.

There is an endless list of benefits of having a large number of connections on LinkedIn. Your network can determine your net worth and so, having a good number of connections on Linkedin is necessary.

These connections can change your life drastically. With a relevant and good number of connections, you can witness your career reaching new heights.

To help you grow your connections on LinkedIn, here are few tips.

Dive in to know more!

8 tips that can help you grow your connections on LinkedIn:

8 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connection

1. Personalize Your Connection Requests:

Check your LinkedIn account at least a few times per week and review the suggested connections.

Find the people relevant to your job and connect with them personally.

When you send a request, personalize the request by sending a message mentioning how did you find them. Tell them what you are doing currently.

Explain to them why do you want to connect and how can you both add value to each other's professional life. Personalized connection requests increase the chances that people will go through your profile and will approve your request.

8 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connection

2. Follow Up:

Building or create a relationship is easy. Maintaining it and nurturing it can be a challenge.

Maintain your relationship with your connections by following them back. Engage with them.

Like, share, and comment on their posts. Talk about their interests. Grab their attention by frequently catching up on them.

You can ask for updates related to their interests. This will make them feel worthy. And they can bring in some opportunities for you.

8 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connection

3. Post-Status Updates Daily:

Posting status updates daily, posting articles, videos or some other posts on LinkedIn keeps your account active.

If you are inactive for a long time there's a large possibility that people will forget about you and your profile.

This can prove to be a disadvantage for you. Updating the status on LinkedIn for a month alone can increase your connections by 60 %.

But make sure you post relevant posts. Any inappropriate post can cost you a lot. You can add information related to workshops, events, and conferences that you have attended.

Share the article that you are interested in. Sharing news, blogs, a press release from your company's page will increase your connections.

Plus, you can give tips in which you are an expert. This can help people in their projects or tasks. And will attract a lot of viewers' attention.

8 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connection

4. Set Monthly Growth Goals:

You can at least have 50 connections in your LinkedIn profile.

But to increase your chances of getting a job and for career booster, you can have 500 + connections.

It might sound difficult to reach this number but if you set a monthly target of 100 connections then you can reach 500 connections in just 5 months.

Doing this will help you to understand what you have to do to get more connections and then you can plan out your strategy. Refrain from spamming people and maintain professional ethics and etiquette even on LinkedIn.

5. Engage With Existing Connections:

Knowing your audience and keep them engaged will help you connect with their connections too.

Daily updates on your wall and likes and comments on the existing connections' posts will help you to make more connections. The connections from your existing contacts may view your profile and send you a connection request.

A simple greeting or wishing them on their birthday and congratulating them for their achievements can help you gain the attention of their contact list.

8 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connection

6. Add your Linkedin URL to the LinkedIn signature:

The LinkedIn profile gives a brief idea about you and what skills you have.

It acts as a resume, social proof, work experience, etc.

Add the LinkedIn URL as your email signature to get notified. First, you need to create an impressive LinkedIn URL. You can customize it in a way that will be easy to remember.

People will get attracted and may click on the URL to know more about you. You can create the LinkedIn URL by clicking the icon next to the URL and on the next page, edit the look for the Your Public Profile URL section to make changes.

8 Ways to Grow Your LinkedIn Connection

7. Add keywords to your profile:

Add keywords to your LinkedIn profile so that people will easily find you.

The best way to add keywords is the headline, experience, and summary sections.

The people first search for this main area to know about you. Adding keywords will make your profile visible in the search results and increase its reachability.

You can add a creative, short story to attract people. Search for keywords that get more attention and add them to your profile.

8. Actively participate in groups:

Another way to increase your connections is to join the groups or communities related to your interests.

Make sure that you actively participate in discussions and engage the people by asking questions and commenting on their posts.

Being a part of groups will also help you to understand the current trends in the market, facts, and figures, new researches, trending skills, and courses, etc. When you interact with people, they are more likely to connect with you.

With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can increase the number of connections on LinkedIn and build a strong network.

The secret to making more connections is ensuring an active presence on LinkedIn. Your network will be notified each time when you update your profile follow a page like or comment on a post.

Keep engaging with your existing contacts to gain the attention of mutual friends. Track your daily activity on LinkedIn, set a monthly goal to increase your connections, and be in touch with professionals from various fields.

Send a personalized connection. Keep updating and keep growing and you will surely succeed.

What is your plan to grow your connections on LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments.


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