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9 Common Mistakes You Make During An Interview

Under the pressure of cracking an interview, it becomes obvious for a candidate to commit mistakes even without realizing them.

However, these small mistakes make a huge difference and you might also end up losing the job. It is thus, very important to identify and consciously avoid silly mistakes.

Sometimes, silly mistakes harm bigger.

Are you failing in your interviews and unable to figure out why? Don't be depressed, it is not about your capabilities always. Sometimes, it can be because of these silly mistakes.

This article lists the 9 most common mistakes that might hamper your selection.

Are you making any of these? Find them here and avoid them the next time you face an interview. There you go!

Here are some of the most common mistakes that could lead to rejection in an interview:

1. Negative Approach

8 Common mistakes during an Interview

The interviewer is always in search of an optimistic person. Your positive approach can act as the key to success.

You should show optimism and positivity in giving a solution for questions asked in an interview.

Do not express negative opinions about a particular topic. Keep your point of view neutral.

If you have bad experiences in the past don't express them negatively. Instead, show the positive side of those experiences by listing out your learnings and how they helped you become a better person.

2. Unprofessionalism

8 Common mistakes during an Interview

Unprofessionalism in the corporate world and in interviews creates a bad impression.

Always dress up decently for an interview. Prefer wearing formals.

Don't discuss your personal life in an interview. Keep your personal and professional life separate. Reach the interview place before time, it is a sign of being professional.

3. Being Aggressive

8 Common mistakes during an Interview

While in an interview, speak politely with the interviewer.

Showing aggression while answering the questions can create your impression as a rude and impatient person.

Always talk politely and have a smile on your face while giving an interview.

4. Outdated Resume

8 Common mistakes during an Interview

Make sure you update your resume before every interview.

Update your resume considering the requirements and description of the job profile that you are applying for.

Sending an updated resume consisting of keywords related to the job profile can lead to your resume getting shortlisted for the interview.

5. Not researching about the Company

8 Common mistakes during an Interview

One of the most common mistakes candidates do is not researching the company before going to the interview.

Research can make you feel confident. If possible you should also research the interviewer.

Research about the company should include company background details, its history, and work culture. Find out the mission and vision of the company and make use of those core values of the company in your answers.

6. Getting Distracted

8 Common mistakes during an Interview

Losing focus or getting distracted while giving an interview can affect your performance. Don’t get distracted by the surroundings.

Never use your phone at least 15 minutes before the interview.

It might happen that you read something that is disturbing which ultimately leads to distraction from the main topic.

Concentrate on what the interviewer is asking and answer to the point.

7. Asking about the salary at the very first instance

8 Common mistakes during an Interview

Never ask about what salary the company is offering at the very first instance.

Wait for the interviewer to ask you this question.

You should be prepared for this question by checking out the average salary of the position offered to you in the company or in the corporate world.

8. Panicking

8 Common mistakes during an Interview

Don’t panic during the interview even if you don’t know the answer to the question asked.

In this situation stay calm and simply say that you are not aware of what has been asked.

Don't lie about anything as you can get caught if asked in detail.

You should give rational answers in the interview, avoid giving hypothetical answers.

9. Bluffing

Do not bluff about things that you are not sure or unaware of. Bluffing personality traits, certifications, or any other thing can lead you to rejection. Always keep it simple and real.

Now that you know what are the most common mistakes that a candidate can unknowingly commit during an interview, you are all set to work on it.

Mistakes mentioned above can create a higher percentage of getting rejected. By avoiding these mistakes you can crack an interview and get your dream job. All it takes is a little bit of conscious effort to avoid rejection.

So, did you find one such mistake that you were making unconsciously? Let us know in the comments and start working on it right away.


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