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9 Must-Have Soft Skills for a Fresher to Find a Perfect Job

Today's modernistic job market demands much more than mere technical knowledge.

You may be good with what you have learned but if you are unable to showcase it, all is in vain.

An industry cannot be run by a single person, it is a collaboration of organizational skills and teamwork. Being a fresher, if you do not possess the skills to be a team player as well as a team leader, it is more difficult to survive in this competition.

Professionally speaking, the right skills & right temperament go hand in hand.

In this world full of competition it is necessary to stay on your toes in order to hop onto the opportunities that come your way and make the most of them. To become successful in today's world is in itself a big challenge. However, if you are ready to be the best version of yourself, you can conquer the world.

When it comes to a job, skills set matters a lot. While considering you for the selection process, hiring managers consider both technical skills and soft skills.


A survey of 2100 hiring managers revealed that 77 % of employers believe that soft skills are as important as hard skills when accessing the candidates.


If you are a fresher & intend to find a perfect job for yourself, soft skills have a much bigger role to play than you think.

Here are 9-must have soft skills for you that will help you find a perfect job.

So, let's get started!

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are defined as personality traits and interpersonal skills that show your ability to interact with people, build and maintain relationships with them.

Soft skills represent your behavior and attitude, unlike your technical skills. Technical skills help you solve technical problems whereas soft skills help you in the organization, managing human resources, and conflict resolution. While technical skills limit your area or field of working, possessing soft skills can help you to fit in a variety of non-technical jobs such as marketing, consumer support, advertising, etc.

"What people get admired and appreciated for in community are their soft skills: their sense of humor and timing, their ability to listen, their courage and honesty, their capacity for empathy."

Since all the job roles need interpersonal communication and understanding to achieve targets, employees need to interact with team members, or with clients, which can help to grow the business, employers prefer candidates possessing strong soft skills.

Listed below are some soft skills which will help you land your dream job:

10 Must-Have Soft Skills for a Fresher to Find a Perfect Job

1. Teamwork

Teamwork is very important to achieve the common targets of any company.

The success and failure of the project depend upon the effort of the entire team and not on a single employee.

Thus for effective collaboration, you should be approachable in a team. Actively listen and understand what other team members want to say. Be responsive and help others when they need it.

10 Must-Have Soft Skills for a Fresher to Find a Perfect Job

2. Communication

The important skill which can remove barriers between you and other people is communication skills.

How excellent you are in your field is dependent on how strong your communication skills are.

With good communication skills, you can convince, persuade and understand people.

Impressive communication skills gain the attention of the employer, and you will get highlighted in the interviews. Therefore as a fresher, it's important to improve your communication skills. Body language forms an important aspect of communication. You need to ensure a warm and welcoming gesture while in a conversation.


Did you know?

55 % of your interview depends on your body language rather than technical skills.


Therefore you should practice gestures, facial expressions, and hand movements along with practicing speaking fluently.

10 Must-Have Soft Skills for a Fresher to Find a Perfect Job

3. Motivation

As a person, if you are able to motivate a group of people it can be helpful for your work.

This is possible only if you yourself are motivated enough to do a job.

During a job search, you need to show your potential to motivate people. How you face the challenges and find a way through them matters the most.

You can state an experience sharing what motivated you in a tough time, and how did you manage to control the situation.

To keep yourself motivated, find a job that you are interested in. Give priority to your work so that it will get completed within the given time.

With a positive attitude and initiative-taking skills, you show your commitment to work.

10 Must-Have Soft Skills for a Fresher to Find a Perfect Job

4. Leadership

Being a leader you should not only give orders and handle the team but also inspire and help them.

To become a successful leader you need a clear vision and confidence to influence colleagues and get along with them.

Employers look for candidates having leadership skills that help them to take charge of the projects and manage teams.

As a fresher, you should have a positive attitude, problem-solving skills, and the capability to lead the team or company in the future.

10 Must-Have Soft Skills for a Fresher to Find a Perfect Job

5. Problem-solving Ability

Problem-solving skill is the ability to determine the source of a problem and come up with possible feasible solutions.

As a fresher, the problem-solving skill is highly valued in any industry, and it is need of an hour.

Many companies expect employees to solve the problem as early as possible to accomplish the project before deadlines. Problem-solving ability and creative thinking skills are the traits that companies look for in a fresher.

Therefore while facing a tough situation, try to look for effective solutions and take opinions when required.

6. Be Responsible

As a fresher, you are responsible for your career growth, so do your tasks and take responsibility for your work.

Employees who avoid taking responsibility for their work or blame others usually tend to be less productive.

Accept the success and failure of the task you are working on and try to do better. Be prepared and give solutions rather than explanations.

10 Must-Have Soft Skills for a Fresher to Find a Perfect Job

7. Decisive

Companies need candidates that possess the ability to make the right decision at the right time.

In this fast-growing world, indecisiveness can cause a delay in completing a project which might result in an adverse effect on the revenue of the company.

Taking quick and correct decisions can save time, effort, and boost the company's profit. So, having decision-making ability is very important to get selected in an interview.

10 Must-Have Soft Skills for a Fresher to Find a Perfect Job

8. Time management

Time management is one of the most important skills required in a fresher.

Time management helps to complete the task within a given time and also ensures good quality of work.

As a fresher, showcasing your time management skills in your resume can be helpful.

Employer seeks candidates who have the ability to manage their work under pressure and finish the assignments before the deadlines. Focus on your goal and decide your priorities.

10 Must-Have Soft Skills for a Fresher to Find a Perfect Job

9. Conflict Resolution

Many times in an organization you have to work in a team to complete the tasks.

When working in a team, the opinion of every person will differ, and accepting each one's opinion may not always be possible.

It might create conflict within a team. Conflicts may affect the productivity of the team, therefore causing trouble in the future.

It is therefore important to deal with people and handle problems, resolve conflicts effectively. So if you showcase this skill with an example it can make a good impression on the interviewer.

Having the above-mentioned skills at hand during your interview can increase your chances of getting hired.

As a fresher, we highly recommend you do your best to master the above-mentioned soft skills as much as you can.

Being a fresher implies that you have no industrial experience. However, you can assure the employer that you do possess a strong set of skills that are required in the industry and that you can prove to be an employee of the same worth as that of an experienced professional.

Take the first step towards your dream job by working on improving above listed skills along with your technical skills.

Get going because you can do it!


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