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Dressing Up for a Job Interview

Whenever you first look at a person, you tend to observe his/her dressing style. And you exclaim hey, look what he's wearing! Look at her heels! Look what color he's used for coloring his hair!

It is true that one should not judge a person by his/her outer appearance. However, anyone, with decent attire can make a good first impression on us.

The same goes for a job interview. The first thing an interviewer notices the moment you enter the interview room is your outfit. Make a good first impression on the employer and you have already marked a good start.

Dressing well is a form of good manners- Tom Ford

Dress code in a job interview plays a vital role too. Dress code can act as an impression of your personality and professionalism.

We all have different styles, fashion interests, and different choices but as a general rule, a decent formal attire can never go wrong. Also, you can choose what to wear taking into consideration the culture of the organization and the job position that you wish to apply for.

Wondering what dress code would make a good impression?

Dive right into this article to know more!

Before we get to the details, here's a quick checklist for you to look for while choosing your dress for an interview:

  • Choose comfortable clothes. Make sure they suit you and make you feel confident

  • Always go for clean, ironed clothes. This adds up to another feather in your crown. Make sure they don't wrinkle or get dirty while commuting to the interview location

  • Check for any stains

  • Avoid revealing clothes. Check for their fitting

  • Try to wear polished shoes matching your dress code

Now that you know the basics, let's go see how can you change your outfit based on the job position that you are applying for.

Tips on what to wear on the day of your interview:

1. Attire for Professional or Business Interview:

Dressing Up for a Job Interview

It's important to wear a formal dress code for a corporate or business interview.

If you are interviewing for an experienced or senior position in industries like telecom, banking, and financial sectors then men can wear a suit and tie.

Women can go for a pantsuit or a formal shirt and pencil skirt. Formal outfits show sincerity and professionalism.

2. Non-Professional/Business Casual Interview Attire:

If the company environment is casual then you can wear a business casual interview attire.

Business casuals are a little less formal than suits and tuxedos. But they look professional.

For example, some companies and industries do that accept business casuals. You can look for the company's culture and work environment to figure out whether you can or cannot opt for business casuals.

Here's a quick guide for both men and women if you choose to opt for business casuals:

For Men:

  • Men can wear a simple, light-colored, attractive long or half-sleeved button-down shirt

  • Opting for a denim shirt can give you a classy look

  • Sweaters and blazers are optional. Go for a semi-formal blazer if you prefer wearing a blazer

  • Choose denim trousers or jeans for business casuals or you may wear cotton pants

  • Leather shoes or sneakers go well with the above clothing options

  • Additionally, go for a waist belt and a watch

For Women:

  • Women can wear an Indian suit or long kurta in cotton, georgette, chanderi, or Lucknowi fabric

  • Avoid tight-fitting and heavily embroidery dresses

  • Casual tops, full or half-sleeve button-down shirts with a comfortable fit can make you look more professional

  • Palazzos or leggings with kurta, khaki, or cotton pants go well with shirts and tops. Denim jeans look good on both kurtas and tops

  • Go for sandals with a minimum heel or bellies

  • Wear decent jewelry

3. Casual Interview Attire:

You can go for casual attire if you have an interview at a startup company. In casual interview attire, you look professional and not too formal.

You can wear:

  • For men- Jeans with a blazer and collared, solid-colored shirt

  • For women - Cotton top and slim-fit dark-wash jeans with a flat sandal

Along with the above options, you can go for:

  • A button-down shirt with khaki pants

  • A blazer and T-Shirt

  • A nice top and tailored jeans

4. Attire for College campus job interview:

Dressing Up for a Job Interview

Dressing up formally for a campus interview shows how sincere and professional you are as a student. One advantage here is that you can opt straight for your college uniform if you feel a little too stressed to choose formal attire.

Other than the college uniform, boys can go for a suit and tie with polished shoes. Girls can choose pantsuits, cotton salwar suits, or kurtas with bellies or formal sandals.

5. Attire for Internship Interview:

Internships are the initial stepping stones of your career.

For internship interviews you can:

  • Wear a blazer, specifically if you are a management student

  • Make sure you look classic and professional

  • Change your dress code according to spring and summer to ensure comfort

  • Wear a sweater over a button-down shirt or stand up collared shirt

  • A blazer with skinny pants looks good

Common interview outfits that can never go wrong:

The interview attire depends on the job position you are applying for, make sure that you look neat, tidy, and well dressed. You can go for different alternatives in choosing an interview outfit, the only criteria being that you should look professional.

The common interview dress code for women:

  • Traditional wear: Women can go for a well-fitting traditional suit like a salwar suit. Avoid wearing a suit with glitter, or with an animal print. That can be distracting. You can also wear a simple cotton saree in pastel or solid colors

  • Western wear: A pantsuit in a dark or pastel color like navy, dark grey, or black color can be a good option in this category. You can wear a button-down shirt or top with a knee-length pencil skirt

  • You can wear low heels, flat sandals with the outfits above

  • Carry a handbag of neutral shades to keep documents in place

  • Decent jewelry accompanies well with the above-mentioned outfits. Avoid large dangling earrings or arms full of bracelets

  • Make use of light makeup with neutral colors for nail paint. Don't use perfume in excess quantity

  • Keep a simple and professional hairstyle

The common interview dress code for men can be:

  • Suits having colors such as navy, black, or dark gray

  • Leather belt and a tie

  • Leather shoes with dark socks

  • Minimum jewelry like a ring or cuff links

  • Neat, professional hairstyle

  • A proper or clean shave

What not to wear for an interview:

We saw a lot about what to wear for a job interview. Let us now have a look at what not to wear for a job interview.

Dressing Up for a Job Interview

An unprofessional outfit can be responsible for your bad impression on the employer. Try to avoid the following things if you are interviewing for a new job:

  • Flashy, bright, and glossy clothes

  • Mismatching accessories

  • Dark scented perfumes

  • Too much makeup

  • Too much jewelry, heavy bracelets, or rings

  • Stained or wrinkled clothing

  • High heels or flip-flops

Hairstyling tips for a job interview:

Here's a bonus! Look for professional hairstyles in this section that you can opt for while you style yourself for a job interview that can make you look more decent.

Dressing Up for a Job Interview

For women:

  • Professional and polished

  • Pin one side back or curls

  • Low or high ponytail

  • Combed straight hair or low and polished bun

  • Short and stylish

  • keep it natural or loosen up

Dressing Up for a Job Interview

For Men:

  • Pushed-Back and Curly

  • Buzz Cut

  • Ivy League

  • Man-Bun or Pony-Tail

  • Slick Back

  • Undercut

  • Modern French Crop

Your dressing sense reflects your personality and it will create a positive or a negative impact on the interviewer, therefore dress up properly and professionally to create a good impression.

Your attire improves your confidence. You can present yourself and convey your qualities to the best of your potential.

The points mentioned above will help you to select a more professional dress code for an interview and can improve your chance of getting selected for your dream job.

So, are going to go shop for some nice outfits for your next interview? Let us know in the comments.


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