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How Can Social Media Get You Hired

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Social media has become a part and parcel of our lives. Some say social media is a boon while some agree upon it is a bane. However, we are all a part of it and we know for a fact that social media is a boon if we use it carefully.

From finding people to travel destinations, to probable markets, food, technology; to joining in various campaigns, everything is possible with the help of social media.


Statistics say that there are 4.20 billion social media users around the world at the start of 2021.


Social media has emerged to be a powerful tool in today's rapidly changing world. It has a strong power to persuade and influence people. With ever-increasing social media platforms, people have overcome physical barriers and have connected on the basis of their interests and opinions.

We search people, view their profiles, make a connection request, like their posts and even comment on them. We check out the updates from celebrities, successful businessmen, etc, and keep ourselves updated with the ongoing social media happenings. Is that all that can be done on social media? Or is it more to it?

Have you ever thought of using social media for getting hired?

Dive into this article to know how can you get hired through social media.

Social media can be used as a job posting platform by recruiters and also for job seekers. It can open a new door for professional opportunities.

Before hiring a candidate many recruiters go through the candidate's social media profiles to see who the person really is, what is his/her background, achievements, and interests, etc. Many people use social media as a job searching tool. Showcasing your skills and abilities through social media can open doors to numerous opportunities.

Use social media to show who you are and what you stand for.

According to a survey, if someone is not active online then it could be a little problematic for a job seeker as the employer may search for the person's online presence to know more about him or her.

Among all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the largest used professional networking platform used for recruiting and hiring process. Make sure that you are updated on LinkedIn and other social media platforms to give a boost and a positive direction to your career.


The GlobalWebIndex said that on average people have more than 5 social media accounts.


Therefore use social media accounts effectively for professional use. It will help you to showcase your skills and learn new skills and trends. Many companies keep updating recent developments through their social media handles. Following these can help you know more about your dream company and know about their current job openings.

Tips on how to use social media to get you hired:

How Social Media Get You Hired

1. Cultivate your personal brand:

You can use your social media account to create your personal brand.

Your brand is an articulation of who you are, what you like or dislike, and express your ideas.

Social media gives you an opportunity to build a portfolio so that it can be considered by potential employers. You have to choose the proper template, design, color combination, images to create an impressive and professional social media profile.

Focus on your skills and achievements, be active in updating your profile, and stay up to date with the latest trends by reading relevant posts and exploring messages.

You can publish articles or blogs related to your field to get notified by the recruiter who is looking to recruit from a social media platform. Cultivate your personal brand to get recognized by employers.

Get a free downloadable worksheet on how to build a personal brand on LinkedIn:

How Social Media Get You Hired

2. Be professional:

You can use social media to create your professional brand and identity. Many recruiters and professionals can see your posts on social media.

Therefore create your professional identity by uploading professional profile pictures, carefully check the posts before sharing.

Keep away from objectionable and controversial topics. Use your words wisely. Make sure to clear or delete unprofessional posts, photos, and comments to make your account more reliable to be used as a job-hunting source.

How Social Media Get You Hired

3. Network:

Your network is your net worth and social media platforms provide a great opportunity to make connections.

Networking helps you to create relationships, grow your network, and maintain relationships.

It can help you in both your personal and professional life. So actively make a connection with your friends, family, the people around you, the alumni from your schools and colleges, and recruiters or professional people.

The relevant connections can help you to get recommended for a job position in your dream company.

How Social Media Get You Hired

4. Show your skills:

You should create a strategy to showcase your skills on social media.

To make your social media profile impressive, mention skills and achievements so that you get the attention of recruiters and endorsed by people.

Your profile is like a resume. If you have your own website then mention the website URL on your social media handles. Include the skills that you have developed from your work experience.

How Social Media Get You Hired

5. Build relationships.

People who have good relations with their colleagues are more likely to be happy and benefited in professional life.

So creating and maintaining a genuine relationship on social media can be helpful for your job search.

If you build good relations with people they will trust you and can help you in the completion of your tasks. Be active and join discussions based on your interests on social media platforms.

Social media is all about making connections from people you know to people whom you want to know.

You can build relationships by sending personalized messages, frequent follow-ups, post frequently, like and comment on their posts, likewise keep engaging to maintain good relations.

6. Embraced tools:

Nowadays social media management tools are not limited to marketing professionals only. One can also find job opportunities through social media.

You can follow hashtags to join groups for getting job updates from companies. For example, # tweetmyjobs. This can be helpful to build a network within your industry.

Twitter list is the tool used to create a list of companies and to track and respond to their tweets.

Engaging in such productive tasks while spending time on social media can prove to be very helpful for every individual.

Trying out above mentioned things on social media instead of simply spending time and gaining no output can prove to be very helpful in this world of ever-increasing competition.

Social media is a very powerful tool. It is up to you to use it for your own and the community's benefit.

Social media can be helpful for you to connect with an organization or people and showcase all the qualities that can get you hired. Amongst all other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a widely used and most effective platform for job searching. Manage your social media accounts and understand how companies are using social media.

Show your skills, build the network, create your personal brand, and most importantly be professional so that the recruiters will notice you.

So? where are you starting from? Let us know in the comments how will you leverage your social media platforms so that they become a boon for you.


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