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How to answer "Why you want to work with us"?

"Why do you want to work with us?" Such a common interview question. Your answer to this question might be as simple as because I liked the job profile... Or Because I like how much you are paying me!

These are some of the most common reasons why we apply for a job in the first place. However, these aren't the ones the employer wishes to hear.

The employer asks you these types of questions to analyze your response to them. To analyze how serious you are about the concerned job position. To know from you, what could you give to add value to their organization. To see if you have correctly understood the job requirements and if you possess relevant skills and experience.

Along with this, the employer analyzes the following things from your answer:

  • Your career goals and how you fit for the position

  • Your interests in the job as well as in the company

  • What value you will add to their company

  • Your priorities and preferences

  • Creativity and presence of mind

And when the employer intends to look for all these things through your answer, if you come up with something like 'I like the salary!' or 'this organization is situated nearby my house', know that you have landed up in a mess.

Dig in to know how to craft a beautiful, convincing answer to this question.

Use the following guidelines for preparing an answer to this question:

1. Establish your credibility:

Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in. Honesty forms the basis of being trustworthy.

Show the employer that you are credible, reliable by being honest. By giving honest answers, honest solutions. Stick to the main points. Prove your credibility by sharing experiences where you used skills relevant to the job position to solve a problem. Be confident while answering and do not contradict yourself.

When you exaggerate a story, you weaken its credibility.

So, avoid exaggeration. Keep it real and simple.

2. Prove your worth:

You need to prove your worth to them. You need to show them that their organization might lose an asset if they don't hire you.

You need to stress and stress more on how you are a perfect fit for the job and how having you onboard will be advantageous for them.

Make sure you convince them that you want to do this job because you have something great to offer to their organization.

The researchers believe in four B's that can help you prove your worth. They are, Being, Belonging, Believing, and Benevolence. Let us look at what each of these means:

  • BEING (Personal): Being means being yourself. Being you. Personal being is having a sense of self-acceptance. Possessing inner peace. Knowing yourself inside out. Knowing your strengths and limitations. Believing in your potential. Being confident.

  • BELONGING (Social): Belonging means participating in social activities. Possessing skills required for working in a team or a community. You belong to a particular community or a group when you are associated with that community and work for its wellbeing.

  • BELIEVING (Ethical/Spiritual): Believing refers to having a strong belief, strong faith in the values of life. One must have ethics and moral values in one's life with the help of which one succeeds in life. When you possess and believe strongly in values that get you through difficult situations in life, they automatically reflect in your behavior.

  • BENEVOLENCE: A sense of benevolence shows how kind and generous you are. With benevolence, you can resonate with people better. You can be empathetic and spread positivity wherever you go.

3. Focus on the company culture:

When you are preparing for the interview do research on the company. Understand the work culture and environment of the organization.

Find which values, which facts about a company's culture you find interesting or appealing. See if your values and morals align with those of the company. And then you can bring this point up while answering the above question.

You can tell what values of the organization impressed you and how you can be a good fit for them. This creates a good impression on employers.

4. How can you help the company to succeed:

Don't ask what the company can give you. Instead, tell what you can give to the organization. Highlight your skills, strengths while answering the question. Tell them what you have in store for them.

Tell them how you can work towards the overall betterment of the organization in order to ensure the company's success. Doing this will surely impress the employer.

Study the organization well. Note any issues that have been building up in the company. Give your solutions to it. Consider facts and figures related to the company while crafting your answer.

Sample answers for “Why do you want to work here”?

  • I visited the company's website and read the company's history, vision, and mission statement. From there, I got the idea of the morals that the company values and found them very appealing. I was inspired by the company's CEO, achievement, and vision for the future. I have used your software for many years and it is easy to use. You consistently update and moderate the software for easy access. I would love to be a part of this innovative team and can use my skills to generate good results and profit.

  • I have been following this organization on different social media platforms for quite some time. I can see that the company is consistently working hard to better its products and services, consistently performing well, and has been listed as a top place to work in our country. I got to know how you encourage your employees through training, education, work culture, conducive environment and acknowledge them by giving awards for their performance. Based on the company's core values, I would love to work with a team that is hardworking, creative, and supportive. That will definitely help me to grow as an individual and contribute the best in me towards the growth of the organization.

Now that you know the do's and don't of answering this question, you can craft your own answer based on the company and the job where you wish to apply.

Gather all the possible information and prepare your answer to this type of question. Give the answer based on your research and practice. Try to include your skills, experiences, strengths, and show how these things can be helpful for the job position and company's success. Keep your answer realistic, short, and impressive. To answer this question effectively follow the tips mentioned in this article.

Have you started writing your answer yet? Let us know in the comments.


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