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How To Effectively Use Lockdown Time

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we all are locked at home. Once again. The pandemic has brought the entire world to a standstill. Schools, colleges are shut down. Offices, industries are still working from home.

This break from our usual routines has lasted a little too long. We have tried all the possible ways to kill this excess free time that we have all got.

It is now time to use this time as a weapon in such a way that when everything goes back to normal, we can come up with the best version of ourselves. When the opportunities knock, we'll waste no second in opening the door.

Keep those creative juices flowing. You have a lot of time on your hands!

From reading, learning, and updating yourself to building a great social media profile, you can do a lot of things during this lockdown.

Besides all the difficulties, we need to keep going. Stay motivated. It is important to brush up on your skills, learn something new and interesting, keep updating yourself with the latest trends and skills in this crisis. Utilizing this time productively will increase your knowledge and can differentiate you from others.

Here are a few things that you can do to use this lockdown period effectively and gain some value out of it:

How To Effectively Use Lockdown Time

1. Draft a winning resume:

As you are at home, prepare a resume that will stand out from the others.

Make sure that the length of your resume does not exceed more than one page. Use your time to improve your skills and proudly enlist them in your resume.

Be clear and honest. Find the jobs that interest you. Learn skills relevant to them and customize your resume accordingly.

Use our resume templates to create a stellar resume.

How To Effectively Use Lockdown Time

2. Read books and discuss:

The best way to utilize your time is by reading books. A good book can completely transform your thoughts and personality through new life experiences.

So, what are you waiting for? Read novels, articles, or search for good books based on your interests.

You might learn something interesting after reading. Don't keep it to yourself. Discuss them with fellow readers. By reading you can improve your knowledge and vocabulary.

How To Effectively Use Lockdown Time

3.Online courses:

Online learning is a reality that was supposed to take the world by storm by 2030 but the virus made it real right in 2020 itself!

You can learn new skills by taking different courses offered by various platforms online.

Lockdown has restricted our movement but has also given us a great opportunity to learn. There are so many courses available on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, LinkedIn learning, etc.

You can enroll in new language courses, vocational programs, computer courses, digital marketing-related courses, and many more. Enhance your existing skills and add them to your resume.

4.Pursue new things:

You have enough time to pursue your hobbies or learn new things. It's always fun to do new things, so start learning new things to improve your knowledge.

You can read or write novels, learn a new language, listen to a genre of music you haven’t tried before. Learn cooking. Watch good movies. Play indoor games, learn to play a musical instrument. Take online certification courses, develop models, make videos, paintings, so many more!

How To Effectively Use Lockdown Time

5. Streamline your social media presence:

You can post your story and make your application credible using social media.

Use this time to create a strong profile on social media and increase your social media presence. You can connect with people, interact with them and build your network through social media.

Create and update your Linkedin profile to boost your professional connections and look for new trends and opportunities.

6. Start a blog or your own website:

You can start with your own blog or a website.

Based on your interest you can post articles, experiences, or portfolios on your website. If you like to write you can start a personal blog. If photography is your passion, you can upload photos clicked by you on your website.

This can create new opportunities for you. Start a food blog if you are interested in cooking or are a food traveler. Begin with a travel blog if you have had enough traveling experience in the past years. This way, you can express yourself and share the information with others.

How To Effectively Use Lockdown Time

7. Prepare for standardized tests:

Using this time, you can prepare well for the entrance exams you wish to appear for.

Start taking mock tests, online quiz to familiarize yourself with the test. The only secret to passing an exam is persistence and practice. Prepare for job interviews.

Look for common interview questions. Craft your answers to these common questions. Practice them. Study the pattern thoroughly and learn tips and strategies to ace your exam or interview.

The lockdown has provided us with enough time. With the help of the above-mentioned options, you can not just kill time but also gain some value from it.

You might never get this amount of free time. It's in your hand to utilize this time and take complete advantage of it. You can grow drastically in both your personal and professional if you use this time effectively.

You can learn new skills, brush up on your existing skills, prepare for interviews, and grow your professional connections. This can help you to scale up your career. Stay positive and stay safe, follow the points mentioned above, and use this lockdown time effectively.

So where are you starting from? Let us know in the comments.


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