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7 tips on how to maintain consistency in studies?

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Consistency is the key to Success!

We all know that consistent efforts are the prerequisites to succeed in anything that we wish to pursue. Being consistent is easier said than done.

Time and again, one of the most common questions I come across is "How to Maintain Consistency in Studies?".

Has it ever happened with you that you built a great perfect study plan/schedule and then failed to keep up with it?

Don’t worry a lot of students face difficulty in maintaining consistency in their studies. They also mostly represent the most active and distracted age group.

The good news is that consistency as a habit can be built upon and some tricks and tips can help you to stay motivated for your studies!

Listed here are 8 tips that can help you maintain consistency in your studies:

7 tips that can help you maintain consistency in studies:

7 tips on how to maintain consistency in studies?

1. Prepare your Time Table

Prepare your own study timetable according to your convenience.

Even if your track record of sticking to a timetable might not be so good, make one.

And make sure you make a realistic one. Routines are important and are often the first steps in becoming consistent.

Paste your timetable on the wall of your room or just above your study table or on your cupboard. Make sure you see it clearly the moment you enter your room.

Keeping a timetable right in front of your eyes all the time will help you stick to it more effectively.

7 tips on how to maintain consistency in studies?

2. Cut down distractions:

Today's world offers a wide range of distractions for all the tasks we undertake.

Social media and mobile phones are the elephants in the room. These apps are designed to glue your attention.

Try to switch off your social media during your studies that will help to focus. To maintain consistency in work/studies you should try to ignore things that have a little positive impact on your life. This will definitely save your time and will also help to reduce anxiety.

7 tips on how to maintain consistency in studies?

3. Exercise

It is well said that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Physical exercise is as important as your studies.

To maintain good health and a fresh mind you should do some exercise or just play your favorite ground games.

To be consistent in doing anything it is necessary that your health, as well as your mind, supports you.

7 tips on how to maintain consistency in studies?

4. Meditation

Meditation might not sound interesting but trust me it will help you a lot in maintaining consistency.

Try to meditate just for 15 minutes every day and see the result.

This would make your mind fresh and relaxed. Meditation helps you to stay calm, reduces your stress, and increases your concentration.

7 tips on how to maintain consistency in studies?

5. Reward Yourself:

If you successfully follow your timetable, you deserve a reward!

Go outside and enjoy yourself with your friends and family.

When you are enjoying do not think about your studies. Treat yourself. Rewards give you the motivation to study and be consistent with it.

7 tips on how to maintain consistency in studies?

6. Take Brakes

Every student has different study patterns.

If you take short breaks between your studies this will freshen up your mind and will help you concentrate for long hours.

Some believe that studying for long hours continuously is beneficial but taking breaks in between helps your brain to relax.

This way, you can ensure quality studies. Studying for long hours without break will eventually saturate your mind and you would lose your focus.

7 tips on how to maintain consistency in studies?

7. Maintain Discipline

You should always follow your timetable strictly no matter what comes in between.

Once you are stuck with your timetable and it becomes a habit then no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

Self Discipline is very important in your life and can help you succeed in all aspects of life.

Now that you know what you can do to maintain consistency in your studies, you can make a plan and stick to it.

Consistency is very important and it comes from patience, persistence, and practice. Consistent effort in a work or studies will eventually lead you to success. Consistent effort can beat talent.

As it is said, hard work beats talent when talent doesn't hard work. consistent hard work can help you achieve great things even if you lack a little talent. So, stay determined. Be focused. Be consistent and you open doors to success.

So, what is your plan for improving consistency? Let us know in the comments.


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hafsa shehzadi
hafsa shehzadi
Aug 19, 2023

this article has volumes i have gone into depth about consistency in studies visit my article here (


Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper
Aug 05, 2022

The spelling of breaks is wrong my friend

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