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How to Make a Video Resume

Updated: May 6, 2021

A movie poster or a movie trailer? Which one is more appealing?

Images of a product or a short explanatory video related to it? What would you prefer to see?

The answer is obvious. And the reason being that anything in a video format can be more interesting, more eye-catching. The same goes for your resume. However, a video resume cannot replace a paper resume, it can certainly be an add-on to it.

Let us see here what exactly is a video resume and how can you make it.

What is a video resume?

A video resume also known as profile video or video profile is a short video that gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to the recruiter by actually presenting yourself in front of a camera.

A video resume is a short video that allows you to showcase your skills, abilities, and experience. It can be uploaded on your social media handles, or job portal along with your application, or can be sent directly to the hiring manager through an email. The employer reviews the video resume and gets to know how candidates present themselves.

A video resume shows your creativity, personality, and how well do you present yourself.

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. -Lewis Hine

In what way a video resume can help?

Every industry is going to prefer technology here onwards and the recruitment process is no exception. So the traditional resume along with the video resume can help you to stand out from the crowd.

A video resume can help the recruiter to see you. To analyze the way you speak, the way you present yourself, without actually waiting for the interview day to see you in person.

A video resume consists of the same points as that of a paper resume. The only difference being, your words speak for you in the case of a paper resume whereas you speak for yourself in a video resume.

Your chances of getting selected on the basis of a paper resume are based on how wonderfully you craft your resume. However, a video resume actually gives you a chance to present yourself, to converse with the recruiter, through this medium.

You can express yourself better in a video resume than a paper resume. A video resume is of great advantage when you wish to apply for a job where excellent communication skills and ability to perform are required. For example, sales or marketing, acting, modeling, or teaching jobs.

How to Make the Perfect Video resume?

Before you begin to make a video resume, make sure you have points written which you want to include in the resume. Make a script based on these points and get it well-rehearsed.

Get dressed properly and keep a check on your body language. Select a well-lit place to shoot the video and prefer plain background.

If you are a little uncomfortable in front of the camera then it can be a bit daunting for you to make a video resume.

But fear not. Here, you are the actor and you are the director! You can have as many takes as you want unless you get that one perfect shot.

Make sure that you keep the video simple and professional.

Consider the following tips to make a perfect Video resume:

How to Make a Video Resume

1. Write a script:

The first step is to make a plan for what you want to add to your video. Write a script.

Ensure that you have your paper resume ready so that you get a brief idea of what points to include in the video.

Mark the main points such as skills, qualifications, and achievements, so that when you begin to shoot the video, you will know what you have to say.

Make it simple and write down each step in chronological order and highlight the points where you have to change the tone. It should be professional and should sound more conversational rather than rehearsed.

Practice your script thoroughly so that you can deliver it smoothly and naturally.

How to Make a Video Resume

2. Find the space to film:

Find a well-lit, clean and tidy place to shoot the video.

Use a plain background preferably. Make sure that there is no noise in the background while you are shooting.

Avoid direct sunlight or focus light on you since it will form a shadow and can be distracting.

How to Make a Video Resume

3. Select the recording device:

Choose a recording device that can capture high-quality video and audio such as smartphones, cameras, or a computer webcam.

Set the recording device at a distance, so that it will capture your upper body and hand movements properly.

Set the device such that you avoid taping distracting items in the background. Check the audio and video quality before you shoot your final video.

Wear professional attire to make a good impact. Practice well and get familiar with the device before going for the final shot.

How to Make a Video Resume

4. Know your audience:

The audience watching your video resume is varied from the job position at MNC to that at a start-up.

Check the job position first and research the company. Understand who will be watching your video and calibrate your video accordingly.

Your resume should not look like a rehearsed or polished one. To keep your audience engaged, you can speak as if you are narrating your own story.

Ask your friends and family to go through your video once, so that they can give you feedback on where you need to improve.

How to Make a Video Resume

5. Be Professional:

Since you are going to be visible and audible in the video, make sure you don't appear unprofessional.

Make sure you do not make any controversial or negative remarks. Keep your approach genuine and positive.

You can create an environment exactly like that of an interview room. Check the background for any distraction or noise, wear a formal dress and maintain professional dignity.

Not necessarily you have to wear a suit, you can wear a casual dress code also but maintain professionalism in your attire.

Ensure that you do not crack jokes or use slang language. Show your enthusiasm, smile often, and talk confidently.

6. Keep the video short:

Your video resume should range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes maximum. This time duration might look short but you can cover all the important points in this duration.

Long videos are unlikely to be watched completely and if you talk about each and every detail of how worthy you are, that makes it unrealistic.

The recruiters have a lot of resumes to get through so ensure that your video resume is specific, concise, and informative.

How to Make a Video Resume

7. Be mindful of your body language:

You can make your paper resume as a part of verbal communication and convey your message with more conviction through body language.

Keep a check on your body language since it plays a very important role in a video resume.

Make sure you use a decent, sharp posture, good hand movements, and maintain eye contact.

According to a research 7% of communication is verbal whereas 93% is conveyed through body language.

Standing still and speaking continuously will make the video monotonous. Take appropriate pauses as and when required.

Smile often, try to avoid murmuring and folding your arms. Be clear. Your body language expresses how confident you are, so carefully use your expressions while making the video resume.

You must have now got an idea about what is a video resume, how to make it, and what are its advantages.

A video resume is a short profile to show your abilities and skills to the potential employer. It is a supplement to your paper resume, but not a replacement. However, if you send it along with your resume or CV, it will get noticed by the recruiter and will help you to get shortlisted, and you will be one step closer to your dream job. Video resumes are now considered by hiring managers, so it's important to know how to make one and send it to the potential employer.

So, are you starting to make one? Let us know in the comments.


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