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How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a vast community of professionals. As many know, LinkedIn is the best online platform to find jobs. LinkedIn provides features both for the job seekers to search for potential employers and the employers to find potential candidates.

However, over the past few years, LinkedIn has evolved as a B2B marketing platform. It has now become a powerful social media platform that enhances B2B marketing, helps you find partners and clients for your business.

The only thing that you need to do is implement a good marketing strategy to promote your business on LinkedIn.

The ideal clients and partners are hanging on LinkedIn, you just need to go close to them by promoting your business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn will ensure the success of your business.

Linkedin is the strongest professional platform for promoting your business. You can grow your network, create your personal brand, find new clients or partners, or employees to help you with your work.

Freelancers, start-up companies, artists, and digital creators can promote their services to different connections.

This is not an information age. It's an age of networked intelligence. -Don Tapscott

Here are a few ways which will help you to promote your business on LinkedIn and yield better results.

7 ways in which you can attract clients, establish a partnership, and grow your business on LinkedIn:

How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

1. Create your Company Page:

A company profile page is separate from your personal profile page.

A company page includes your business or company information, year of establishment, what services you provide, what are your products and how can the interested clients contact you for more information.

It helps you to present your brand and the services you are offering. You can update and add information related to your company. Represent your business well with the logo as the page's profile picture, add a cover photo, and customize the URL.

How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

2. Highlight Your Business on Your Own Profile:

The personal profile page is still a strong touchpoint tool on LinkedIn.

You can connect your company page to your personal profile and offer ample opportunities for your connections to learn more about your brand.

It helps you to build a professional network. You can attract your connections as clients for your business.

You can link all important pages to your personal profile such as a website, a professional Twitter account, a company's Facebook or Instagram page, etc. Ensure that you update it regularly and provide updates regarding the activities and achievements of your business.

How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

3. Create a Group:

Create your company's group for your colleagues and clients to promote the discussions about the company.

You can discuss new trends, current market scenarios, or arrange group activities.

A group managed by the company is the best way to get your company name recognizable.

You can even join the groups related to your business and interests. Participating in discussions will help you to market yourself and your company.

You can also add a short signature with company information on your posts. This makes your posts more authentic.

How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

4 Update frequently:

Update your company page regularly.

You can add company announcements, projects, new features, products, special deals, share links, or give tips that show that your business is active.

Post the recent developments of the company and can target customers or clients. Your updates appear in a follower’s LinkedIn feed and strong followers may give you a bunch of customers with every update.

How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

5. Engage Intentionally:

Engaging the clients and your connections is the best way to promote your business.

You can build a relationship by engaging them with your posts and comments or likes on their posts.

Ask if they have any questions or suggestions that can add value to your business. Take feedback from your former customers. Make creative posts to get attract people.

Add videos or images of your products and people may take an interest in your company to know more about your brand or services. Videos will engage people five times more than any other form of content.

How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

6. Get Employees and Partners on Board:

Through the LinkedIn promotion of your business, you can get employees and partners on board.

A strong company profile on LinkedIn will improve the reputation of your business and people with similar interests might look forward to work with you.

This way you can get partners of employees for your business. You might also gain the attention of investors. This will in turn help you grow and expand your business.

A strong marketing strategy will help you create a brand on LinkedIn. Engaging with people often too will make them curious about the working of your business and they might join you.

How to Promote Your Business on LinkedIn

7. Ask for recommendations:

LinkedIn recommendations can prove to be a very credible source for the promotion of your business.

References or recommendations from important clients, friends, or former employees can boost your business.

You can ask for recommendations from the people your business has served. Recommendations increase the credibility of your business.

Through recommendation, people will find you and show willingness in your products, your business forward by them. Get feedback and appreciate them for the Linkedin recommendations. This is the best way to tune with them for a long-term relationship.

Now that you know how you can promote your business on LinkedIn you can now make a concrete marketing strategy that will help your business or brand grow.

LinkedIn is the best online platform to grow or promote your business. More than 700 million people are on LinkedIn and among them, some may become your clients or customers.

Stay up-to-date, customize your page regularly, add hashtags, get endorsements for your brand to get the attention of the people. Learn about the features, tools, and check out the other business pages to know how to use LinkedIn's social media marketing strategy.

Create a strong presence on LinkedIn and be active. Frequently engage with your connections so that they know more about your business. And you can see your business reaching new heights.

So what's your strategy to promote your brand or business on LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments.


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