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How to stay at home and Prepare for Interviews

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Many people are searching for a job. One of the difficult part is a job search and preparing for the interviews, and this gets even harder when you stay at home may be due to undesirable situations. You don't need to wait for the right opportunity, you have to create the opportunity. Start applying for a suitable job position and prepare for a mock interview while staying at home.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

The mock interview gives you a chance what to say and how to perform during real job interviews and get feedback. "Practice makes perfect", so practicing the mock interview will show your strong and weak points. It will increase your confidence.

How do the mock interviews help?

If you practice the mock interviews again and again then you can answer the common interview questions. This will show you how well you are familiar with the mock interview and where do you stand. Be prepared with the best answers and don't try to memorize any specific answers.

Practicing the mock interview on a call with your friends or family members will help you to decrease the nervousness during the actual interview. Doing a video call will help you to avoid common mistakes like body language, hesitation, eye contact, and it helps you to stay focus.

The tips for mock interview preparation:

How to stay at home and prepare for a mock interview

1. Choose a partner as an interviewer:

You can choose the right partner as an interviewer and he or she will ask you different questions and you have to answer them accordingly. In this way, you can practice it more. You can choose anyone such as a family member, friend, and even a neighbor who has a good understanding and can tell you where is the mistake and how you performed. You can also choose a colleague or professional who works in your industry.

How to stay at home and prepare for a mock interview

2. Prepare the interview setting:

To get the feel of a real interview, arrange the formal setting though it's a mock interview. Either choose a living room or bedroom but make sure that it is a quiet one. The room has enough light and a clean one. Close the window to avoid the outside disturbance. Make sure your internet connection is working fine and install the necessary software applications beforehand, so you don't need to rush at the last moment. Keep the paper and pen ready to note down important points and use headphones for proper sounding. This interview setting will help you to take it seriously and to answer it properly.

How to stay at home and prepare for a mock interview

3. Keep your resume in front of you:

During the mock interview, keep your resume near to you or in front of you to access any important points. It will help you with what you have written in your resume and answer it accordingly. Keep your pen and paper ready to write the important points.

How to stay at home and prepare for a mock interview

4. Dress Appropriately:

The next step is dressing sense. Dressing professionally will help you to make the interview process more serious and shows how you should present yourself at the time of the real interview, as we know, first impression is the last impression. Your partner should evaluate your dressing sense as part of the testing process and can receive feedback about how you should present yourself. You can wear the same kind of attire as you expect to wear to the actual interview. For example, Men can wear a formal shirt, blazer, or a tie and women can wear a formal dress, skirt, or even a blazer with minimum jewelry.

5. Record it and take feedback:

Record your mock interview for the valuation process. Share this record file with your partner who took your mock interview and discuss it, take feedback on your performance. On the basis of feedback, you can avoid the mistakes that took place at first recording and improve your performance. Practice it and record it, again and again, this will help you to boost your confidence. Check your voice tone and body language to make a good impression.


Before starting the mock interview, prepare some common interview questions that the interviewer may ask you, so you can answer the questions fluently. Give your best without thinking much of the result. All the best!


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