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Resume Tips that can keep you ahead for a job search during COVID times

In this COVID-19 crisis, the recruiting process has slowed down but hasn't completely stopped. Only the pace has reduced. There are jobs, you just need to look out for them and make sure that you are a good fit for them.

The pandemic has definitely affected the job market. But if we think in a positive way, it has simply changed the traditional recruiting process.

The recruiters will now look for a candidate that can prove to be of great value to their organization. A candidate with skills that can elevate the employer's business and take it to new heights during this crisis.

The secret of crisis management is not good vs. bad it's preventing the bad from getting worse. - Ken Matos

In these newly emerged circumstances, as a job seeker, you need to focus on customizing and upgrading your resume. Adding up skills that are in demand highlighting how you are a good fit for a particular job can help you get a step closer to your dream job.

And to get a job, you must be able to strongly convey all that you have through this piece of a document called, resume.

With a drastic increase in competition in the job market, you need to make sure that your resume ranks amongst the top 10 resumes so that you get shortlisted for the next rounds of selection.

To face this crisis and shine bright through it, the first thing you must do is upskill yourself and your resume. Your resume is a reflection of who you are.

You need to craft an effective and impressive resume to create a strong first impression on the recruiter and get a step closer to getting the job.

Dig into the article to read a few tips that can help you craft an outstanding resume.

Tips to Craft an Impressive Resume:

Resume Tips that can keep you ahead for a job search during COVID times

1. Think of your resume as a sales pitch:

Your resume is like a sales pitch. Imagine that you are selling yourself to the recruiter.

You need to convince the recruiter why you are the best fit for a particular job position and why should he/she hire you.

If you have experience, include it in your resume. Show how your skills were an asset to the previous organization that you worked for.

If you are a fresher show the recruiter, how your skills will benefit his/her organization. Show them what you can do for the company. Show how can you leverage the organization to new heights.

Show your sincerity, dedication, professionalism, and enthusiasm towards the organization you wish to work with. Add the achievements and projects that you have worked on to strengthen your resume.

Resume Tips that can keep you ahead for a job search during COVID times

2. Show your expertise in remote-working tools:

In this 'new normal', the companies are offering work from home and expect that the candidates are flexible to work with remote-working tools.

You have to show how you can maintain the quality of work and productivity even while working from home.

Showcase that you’re familiar and comfortable with these tools and can work efficiently.

3. Show ability to take important decisions:

Maintaining a smooth workflow while working from home requires good decision-making ability.

Experienced people can take decisions based on their knowledge from previous experiences. Freshers need to showcase their decision-making abilities through their resumes.

Companies now need people who have the ability to achieve great results while working with limited resources. You need to include decision-making skills in your resume and keep examples ready of how you are good at it.

Resume Tips that can keep you ahead for a job search during COVID times

4. Keep the layout of your resume clean and simple:

A lot of organizations make use of applicant tracking systems to scan your resume. And an ATS hardly takes 6 seconds to review a resume.

To capture its attention in just 6 seconds, you need to add keywords relevant to your skills in your resume.

Adding as many keywords in your resume can help you get through the ATS scan easily. Format your resume in such a way that the ATS correctly finds your skills sections and the keywords that you have mentioned in your resume.

Consider the following things while formatting your resume:

  • Use a proper margin between ½” to 1” with proper spacing

  • Mention skills and important information using bullet points

  • Use fonts Helvetica, Arial, or Verdana since they are simple and easy to read

  • Use font size up to 10 or 12 points

  • Place your skills on top of your resume so that they get highlighted

Along with this, you can go check out our free resume templates and begin creating a professional and eye-catching resume!

Resume Tips that can keep you ahead for a job search during COVID times

5. Add references that can vouch for you:

A few years back, references did not play a major role.

But in the current scenario, if you add references to your resume it will be a plus point for you.

References can add extra weight to your resume. It makes your resume more credible.

You can look for references either from your ex-colleagues, seniors, former managers, or clients, or from your faculty members if you are a fresher.

Now that you know how can you craft an eye-catching resume, you can go check your resume and update it with the help of the tips mentioned in this article.

The pandemic has made it difficult to land a job but remember that it is not impossible to get a good job in this situation. Your resume plays a vital role in creating an initial first impression on the recruiter.

Drafting an impressive resume can open a wide range of job opportunities for you. Your resume should highlight all your skills and achievements. To make a strong resume try to continuously upgrade yourself with the latest trends and skills. Follow the points mentioned in this article to make your resume stand out even in an hour of crisis.

What are the strengths in your resume that will make it stand out during this crisis? Let us know in the comments.


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