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The Benefits of Using LinkedIn

Finding a perfect job that suits your interests and pays well has become a challenge in this world of changing job markets. However, when it comes to finding a job or overall career growth, LinkedIn proves to be the best social media platform.


LinkedIn has 740 million members out of which, 40 million people use LinkedIn for job search every week and 3 people are hired every minute!


These statistics indicatively highlight the growing importance of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one such powerful tool that enables you to build your personal brand, connect with people, tremendously increase your network and interact with professionals.

Apart from sharing content and gathering feedback, you can use LinkedIn for job search, launching and expansion of your business, and nurturing referral relationships.

By enhancing your LinkedIn profiles you can open doors to a large number of opportunities.

Here is a list of few more advantages of using LinkedIn:

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn

1. Gain exposure

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn for job posting and hiring purposes. Connecting with potential employers through LinkedIn can help you get noticed for job openings suitable to your profile. LinkedIn being a professional network, you can get grand exposure in this virtual professional world. Showcasing your skills and abilities can help you grab the attention of employers. Your LinkedIn profile can stand as your resume. Hence, including keywords, customizing profile URL, continuously updating your profile, giving an eye-catching headline can make you stand out.

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn

2. Demonstrate your knowledge, credibility, and leadership expertise

With the help of LinkedIn, you can endorse your skills, show your expertise and credibility in order to get noticed. Connect with professionals. You might get recommended for a particular job by some of these connections. Higher credibility increases your professional value and people will look up to you as a trustworthy, reliable source. Demonstrate your skills and abilities by sharing your experiences and you increase your chances of getting hired.

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn

3. Use LinkedIn as a research tool

LinkedIn can be more than just a job searching site. It can be used as a research tool to research companies, job profiles, and requirements. You can know more about professionals from different fields and hiring managers. Also, you can find out recent job trends and the skill set required in this dynamically changing industry. In short, you can use LinkedIn to stay updated. Researching can give you an upper hand at the time of your interviews and you can get along with the hiring personnel easily.

4. Follow Companies

You can follow the profiles of Companies or organizations that you are interested to work with. This is yet another advantage of using LinkedIn. By following, pages based on your interest can help you stay updated with the recent developments, advancements, and achievements of the concerned organization. Company profiles contain almost all the information regarding company values, employees, and job postings along with work culture and achievements. When asked about anything related to that Company in an interview, you know what to answer!

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn

5. Updating an online resume is easier!

You can edit and update your LinkedIn profile anytime with ease, which in turn acts as your resume. Applying LinkedIn features to your online resume you can highlight what makes you different and why you could be a perfect fit for a certain job. Show them, that you possess all that they look for!

6. Join LinkedIn Groups

A number of groups are active on LinkedIn that network with people having similar interests and belonging to the same niche. As a job seeker, you can connect with hiring professionals. As an entrepreneur, you can reach out to potential clients and customers. Participating in these groups can help you strengthen your presence on LinkedIn.

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn

7. Make important business connections.

More than 30 million companies are on LinkedIn for business purposes and LinkedIn will give you ample opportunity to foster business connections. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to choose the connection of your choice. For example, you can connect with colleagues, employers, or clients that you worked with in previous organizations. You may never know in what way they will help you to grow your business.

There is an almost endless list of benefits of using LinkedIn to get a job or promote your business. With these 7 tips, you must have got an idea of the benefits of using Linkedin that will help you to grow in your professional as well as personal life.

LinkedIn can help job seekers to endorse their skills and proactively use profile to market yourself. Join Linkedin groups, communities relevant to your interest to expand your network. Getting noticed by a potential employer or getting a recommendation from one of your connections you might get an opportunity to land into your dream company.

Have you started making your LinkedIn profile yet? Let us know in the comments.


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