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Things To-Do Before an Interview

The pre-interview phase can be quite stressful. We feel a lot of pressure of things during this period that can make us anxious.

Thoughts like, 'will I be able to give a good interview', 'will I be able to answer all the questions the interviewer asks', 'will I get this job', 'what if something goes wrong' scare us more.


Did you know?

According to a recent survey by JDP, 93% of the people who were surveyed, had faced job interview anxiety and 41% were nervous about not being able to answer a difficult question in an interview.


Having these fears and confusions is common. However, this might affect your performance in the interview. It is very important to stay calm, composed, and confident while going for an interview.

And to make things a bit easier for you, here are 6 things you need to do to calm your nerves before appearing for an interview:

1. Stay Calm

Things that should be done before an Interview

Keeping yourself calm will help you to save your energy and enhance your thinking ability. By eliminating unwanted negative thoughts you can focus on things that carry more importance.

Don’t stand confused in front of the interviewer. Pretend to be brave, even if you are not. Keep a positive approach. Think before you answer a question.

Firmly state a humble 'no' if you don't know the answer. Stressing can lead you to blank out. You might even forget the things that you already know.

Staying cool and keeping your mind calm always pays off for the better. -Penelope Holmes

So, stay calm. Relax. Take a deep breath. Bring back the pace of your heartbeats to normal. Believe in yourself. Be confident. Smile and conquer!

2. Do your Homework

Things that should be done before an Interview

Don't forget to do your homework before going for an interview. Research the company well.

Look for the core values and work culture of the organization.

The interviewer expects you to have basic information about the organization you wish to work for. The recruiter might even ask you a question regarding the working of the company or its products and services.

Researching the organization well will help you answer these types of questions easily. In addition to this, if you get to know your recruiter well in advance, this can prove to be a cherry on the cake.

Once, you are aware of all of these things, you would feel more confident and less stressed.

3. Plan your Outfit

Things that should be done before an Interview

You should keep your interview outfit ready one day prior to the interview. This will save your time on the day of the interview.

Your outfit should be a decent, formal dress; clean and ironed.

Opting for a professional outfit can help you make a good impression of yours on the interviewer. Dressing well can increase your confidence exponentially.

4. Have a copy of your resume

Things that should be done before an Interview

Even if you have sent your resume to the interviewer prior to the interview, you must carry a hard copy of your original resume with you.

It is also recommended to carry 2 to 3 copies of your resume since the interviewer might ask you for it. Also, there might be more than 2 people in the interviewing panel who'd want to have a look at your resume at a time.

Having a hard copy of your resume with you during the interview can also help you to remember and refer to the key points that you have mentioned in your resume.

5. Plan your route beforehand

Things that should be done before an Interview

Planning and checking on the interview location earlier will help you to reach the destination on time.

If you are traveling by public transport make sure you have a backup plan if in case you miss out on your bus or train. Book a ride if you can.

Leave early if you are driving yourself to the destination and consider at least 2 alternative routes to reach in time in case of traffic jams.

Reach the destination 15 minutes before the time given to you. Reaching before time will highlight your punctuality and can create a good impression on the employer.

Reaching early also gives you time to calm down and relax. Touch up on your clothes and freshen up if you need to.

6. Have a Proper Breakfast or Lunch

Things that should be done before an Interview

If your interview is in the morning session then have a healthy, filling breakfast before going to the interview.

For Interviews in an afternoon session have a light lunch.

A healthy breakfast or lunch before the interview keeps you fresh and focused. Going empty stomach for an interview can distract your mind.

Make sure you have your meal at least half an hour before the interview time to avoid burping and embarrassing yourself in the middle of the interview. Having a heavy meal for an afternoon interview session can make you feel drowsy. This can in all affect your performance.

Now that you what to do and what not to you, you can easily calm your interview nerves and give your best performance.

By following the tips mentioned in this article you can prepare well in advance for your interview. Good preparation supplemented by these small tips will definitely improve your performance during an interview. This will in turn increase your chances of getting hired and you can get to do your dream job. All you need to do is, prepare well in advance. Stay positive and confident and you are all set to shine!

So? would you follow these tips while preparing for your next interview? Let us know in the comments.


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