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Tips to Ace Online Job Interviews during COVID 19 outbreak

Searching for a job opportunity in this COVID 19 pandemic situation is a difficult process. Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, many companies have decided to hold the hiring process online.

The companies that are still hiring have moved the face to face interview process completely to online job interviews and offering the work from home policies. Even otherwise research says that 60% of hiring managers use the online video interview process at some point during selection. The online interview can take place through software applications like Skype, Zoom, WebEx Meeting, and Google Hangout.

Whether the current situation forced you to search for a new job, you are just graduated, or maybe the current company discharged you off, and you want to stand out in the crowd and grab the job opportunity.

Here are some useful tips to ace your online job interviews

Tips to ace online job interview during COVID 19 outbreak

1. Set your interview space:

Choose a room with proper light, clean, and quiet place with minimum distractions. You are aware of the date and time of your online interview, so inform your family members about your interview timing, so no one can disturb you in between the conversation. Make sure you have installed and updated the necessary software as per the requirement of the job profile. Check the internet connectivity to avoid any interruptions. Keep your phone in silent mode, check your webcam, use headphones for proper communication.

Tips to ace online job interview during COVID 19 outbreak

2. Dress Appropriately:

It is very important to dress professionally, though it is a video call because the first impression counts. Dress smartly, wear formals and it should be comfortable like you are attending an in-person interview. It will make you a more confident and a good impression on the interviewer. Men can wear formal shirts, blazers, or tie if necessary. Women can wear a formal dress, blazer, skirt. Try to avoid bright color clothing, too much jewelry that can be distracting.

Tips to ace online job interview during COVID 19 outbreak

3. Listen Actively:

Listen carefully to what is he saying and then answer, if you give random answers the interviewer may assume that you are not listening to what he wants to say. Use body gestures to communicate or nod as the interviewer speaks, so he knows that you are paying attention. If you face any audio delays wait a few seconds again ask the interviewer what he said and then speak.

Tips to ace online job interview during COVID 19 outbreak

4. Body Language:

Use the right body language in a video call just like face to face interviews. Your body language can show your confidence and convey the internal feeling. For proper communication use the following body language tips:

  • Maintain Eye contact

  • Uncross arm

  • Sit straight on the chair or sofa

  • Ensure good posture

  • Use hand gesture

  • Nod when necessary

  • Lean in but not too much

Tips to ace online job interview during COVID 19 outbreak

5. Prepare interview questions:

Prepare the interview questions and keep the list of common interview questions asked. Search the company website beforehand, the recruiter might ask you questions about their company. Make sure to keep a pen and paper with you to write down some points. The more you practice, the better you'll get with not only online conferencing technology, but it will also boost your confidence and communication skills.

6. Follow up:

The interview process is a long process, mostly there are many rounds so be patient for a while. You can send a thank you mail to the interviewer for considering your profile and for an interview. After a weak, you can check with the interviewer about the status of your interview process. Finally, stay informed during this COVID 19 critical situation, make sure you’re reading the news and article about the company, searching the career website page, and checking E-mail for further process.


The online interviews are as important as in-person interviews. How you face the interview could get you to the next round or even a job offer. The above tips will help the interviewees to prepare for an interview and to increase their confidence during COVID 19 outbreak.


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