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Why Recruiters Ask What is Your Greatest Achievements

One of the common interview questions the interviewer asks most of the time is "what are your greatest achievements?". This question is posed to not only experienced professionals but also freshers.

You need to be prepared for this question. Achievements are impressive. However, you need to express them properly so that the employer gets impressed.

And to be able to answer this question properly, you need to know the reason why the recruiter asks you this question.

Dive in this article and let us see why recruiters ask about your greatest achievements. And how could you answer this as best as you can?

Why do recruiters ask “What is your greatest achievement?”

Your achievements set you apart from others. Your greatest achievement can help you get one step closer to getting the job. The general idea behind this question is to test your qualities.

The recruiter wants to gain insights into your skills and abilities that led you to achieve something great. Your greatest achievements are the works that you carried out with the best of your potential.

To answer this question, you can select one of your greatest achievements. Draft your answer in a way that you show how you worked to achieve that particular thing.

You can answer the question with specific examples related to your achievement and recite the important features of your achievements.

If you are a fresher you can give examples of achievements from your college days. You can tell about internship or project experiences wherein you achieved something notable.

From your answers, the interviewer gets a brief idea about your potential and assesses whether you possess the skills required for the concerned job position.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. -Keller

This question gives you a chance to share specific, relevant, and impressive accomplishments that will attract the employer.

This article lists a few tips that can help you to draft an impressive answer to this question.

Tips to craft an answer to " what are your greatest achievements":

Why Recruiters Ask What is Your Greatest Achievements

1. Read the job description thoroughly:

The job description is an important point to check which achievements you have to match with the job position requirement.

Read the job description carefully, note down the key points.

According to the job role, make the list of experiences where you delivered your best work. Pick the most impressive and interesting achievements.

You can prepare two or three stories to present at different interviews. Plus, you will be prepared to answer your additional achievements in case the interviewer asks you to explain more accomplishments.

Why Recruiters Ask What is Your Greatest Achievements

2. Research the Company:

Before an interview, research the company, and figure out which skills and qualities are valued by the organization.

Many recruiters prefer candidates whose achievements are aligned with the company’s goals.

Go through the reviews of the company This will give you an idea about the work culture of the company.

Search the company's website, newsletter, articles, and LinkedIn page to know more about the company's environment and think about your achievements that match the company's goals.

3. Consider your values and greatest qualities:

Now that you are aware of the job position and the company's vision, mission, you can list your greatest qualities.

Analyze which qualities you have that can add great value to the company.

For example, you can tell how you were asked to lead a conference or presentations where you represented your previous organization.

You can consider projects where you were appreciated for your problem-solving skills.

4. Be relevant and specific:

You should give a detailed answer to this question. Add up all the details of your achievement. Try to choose the most recent achievement. Be specific.

Describe in brief what was your role, what was your approach while you were working on a project and what decisions led you to your achievement.

Make use of the STAR technique of response to tell your story. Read what is STAR response technique and how to use it here to know more.

Keep your story crisp. Avoid giving personal details. Be humble, don't flatter yourself too much.

5. Be Honest:

Be honest. Do not fake your achievements. You might get caught if you make a mistake or if the interviewer asks you to describe it in detail.

The interviewer looks for achievements that match the job requirements and which have the potential to lead to the company's growth. Even a small achievement that is relevant to the requirements of the job can impress the employer.

However, if you try to make something up or fake your achievements it can prove to be disadvantageous for you.

Here's a sample answer that can give you a better idea:

In my past job, I was promoted from a team member to a team leader. I earned this promotion because I performed well consistently for 2 years.

I met my goals before deadlines and exceeded my efficiency from 100% to 125%. I believe that this was possible because I had strong willpower to work hard, with consistency and dedication. My communication and leadership skills helped me manage the team very well.

Now that you must have got an idea of how to frame an answer to this question, you can start working on it.

The question about your achievement may put you in a difficult situation. However, this question is an opportunity for you to showcase the best of your potential and impress the recruiter.

Share what you achieved from your projects and experiences. Choose a professional and relevant accomplishment that matches closely to the job position and is aligned with the company's vision and mission.

Your greatest achievement plays a vital role in an interview. It can help the interviewer to decide whether you are a perfect fit for the job position or not. Answering this question in a tactful and impressive way can help you get closer to your dream job.

So, what is your greatest achievement? Let us know in the comments.


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