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Why Should You Talk To Strangers?

Imagine you see an old man walking on the street. You go to that old man to walk with him. Eventually, you walk together every day. You get to hear a lot of stories.

One random day, you face something similar to one of the stories that the stranger had told you and you already know how to handle the situation. Your day is saved!

This is the impact of talking to a stranger.

If one old man can help you deal with one tough situation, this world consists of 7.9 billion people!

Remember that every good friend was once a stranger.

Talking to strangers is a good thing and helps you to build new relationships and increase your network. While commuting, visiting the market, in a cafe, or in a garden we all are surrounded by strangers.

Still, most of us remain silent or feel uneasy to initiate a conversation. Because of this, we miss the opportunity to meet new people.

We keep ourselves confined to our own world; talking only to the people we know. Moreover, in this digital era, everyone is glued to their smartphones and smart devices and avoids talking to strangers.


Research on talking with strangers suggests that we often underestimate the positive impact of connecting with others on both, our own and others' self.


You may feel happy and inspired after talking to a stranger. Talking to strangers not only helps build your confidence but also improves your communication skills.

Listed in this article are a few benefits of talking to strangers.

Benefits of Talking to Strangers Are:

1. You Develop Confidence:

Whenever we think about initiating a conversation with a stranger, we feel nervous about how to start.

We often doubt ourselves with thoughts like 'will I be able to convey my message?', 'do I sound rude', etc?

However, after learning the tact of ice breaking, you can confidently approach a stranger. Making a habit to talk to a stranger every day, will eventually boost your confidence.

With enough confidence, you can meet people and build a network that adds value to your personal and professional life.

Why You Should Speak To The Strangers?

2. Improve Co-working Skills:

A simple 'hello' can open the door to friendship.

Taking to your colleagues and co-workers every day, asking them simple things such as 'how are you?' 'how's everything back at home?' can make them feel worthy and wanted. And eventually, they will start caring for you too!

In short, talking to strangers can make you more empathetic. It will become easier for you to work with new people, build a relationship, share your ideas, address problems, find solutions, and most importantly have them with you, when in need.

Why You Should Speak To The Strangers?

3. Become A Better Listener:

Your listening skills get improved when you talk with someone. It will help you in your workplace and in general too.

If you listen well while talking, it will increase your confidence and give you good clarity.

Carefully listening to what people have to say can help you understand them properly. This will; in turn, avoid misconceptions.

Developing respect and a positive attitude towards people, you can gain more knowledge simply by listening to their views and experiences. Different people will give you different perspectives and you can choose the best out of them.

Why You Should Speak To The Strangers?

4. Build Your Professional Network:

One of the benefits of talking to strangers is that it can help you build up a professional network leading you to get different job and business opportunities.

Many successful people experienced that they were inspired by talking to strangers which gave them new ideas worth working on. You can never know who amongst a group of strangers can help you when in crisis, support you, or motivate you.

5. Change Your Perspective:

This world is full of ideas, but you cannot owe them all. You need to dig deep into other people's minds to know their ideas, views, and perspectives.

This can only be done by communicating with a lot of people having expertise in a variety of fields. One single conversation can change your life.

You can learn from their perspectives and experiences which often proves to be an eye-opener. By talking to a lot of people, you might get access to a treasure full of ideas that can challenge you to reconsider things that you already know.

6. Improve Your Social Skills:

Man is a social animal. A person cannot spend his entire life being alone. He needs to go out, meet people, communicate and socialize.

Social skills are important to communicate and interact with people. These can help you to achieve great things in life. Social skills ensure that you speak effectively.

Talking to strangers can improve your social skills which will eventually lead you to a better understanding of a person's opinions.

Why You Should Speak To The Strangers?

7. Learn New Things:

Talking to strangers can help you learn things that you are unaware of.

Maybe it would be a topic of science and technology, food and travel, business, money, economy or a book, you will always learn something new after talking to a stranger.

Having listed all the benefits of talking to strangers, you should also note that talking to a stranger doesn't only benefits you. It benefits the other person too. It is a two-way process. It helps them gain something too. Someday, somewhere, you might be the reason that someone smiles.

It might at first seem difficult to approach a stranger. But once you get acquainted with it, you can be a small part of someone's life every day.

So, start to turning strangers into friends or acquaintances and experience things from their viewpoints.


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