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Words or Phrases to make you stand out in Interviews

Want to know the "Magic words" which can help you ace any interview?

Yes, you got it right. We will help you to learn these magic words.

A method to ace any interview is to form a list of words or phrases associated with your interview. Employers want to hear certain things which should be appropriate to questions, and if you use these “magic words” it will be a decent impact.

Words or Phrases to be used in the interview
An interview is like a minefield

Words or phrases should be familiar and straightforward so that you'll be able to make an honest impression, and it'll also show your ability to handle the interview. The topics you are discussing at a job interview are your education, skills, strengths, weakness, personality, hobbies, and why are you inquisitive about this job.

Here are some words and phrases to use in your next interview!

1. Personality:

When your interview starts, the interviewer looks for your personality. He or she observes you by analyzing your answer. You can use adjectives like:

  • I can: “I can and I will” – It shows conviction and skill.

  • Honest- Someone who talks about reality.

  • Smartness- How smartly you are doing work.

  • Commitment- Meet deadlines within time.

  • Focused- Don’t get distracted.

  • Punctuality- Get on time.

2. Describe your responsibility:

Show how responsible you are when a task is given to you. The words which convey responsibility are:

  • Planning

  • Organize

  • On-time

  • Devotion

  • Prepare

  • Effective

  • Target

  • Assumption and solutions

  • Backup plan

3. Skills:

Skills include your soft skills and technical skills so choose the skills that suit the job position. "Schooling doesn't assure employment but skill doe." Try and include subsequent phrases or words:

  • Teamwork

  • Improvement

  • Active listener

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Computer skills or certain software programming skills

  • Problem- solving

  • Presence of mind

  • Management skills

4. Strengths:

An honest resume is constructed upon good strengths and skills. Strengths show the power of how you face problems. So list out the words for strengths like:

  • Enthusiasm

  • Creativity

  • Patience

  • Dedication

  • Open-minded

  • Analyze

  • Respect

  • Loyalty

  • Judgment

  • Persuasive

5. Experience:

If you've got prior experience, describe projects that you just accomplished and therefore the duties that you simply fulfilled. Just in case you're a fresher then describe your college project or internship. Here are some phrases to use:

Words or Phrases to be used in the interview
  • I have three years of experience in a software company.

  • I worked in technology like C#, .Net,

  • I am familiar with the MVC tool and API testing.

  • I acknowledged with an employee of the year award.

  • I have had done the internship for four months in the last year of my college.

  • I worked on many projects.

  • I have Microsoft certification.

Words or Phrases to be used in the interview

6. Describe your future goals and where you would intend to be after five years:

You can tell your future goals, why you wish to and try to do this job, where it'll take you after five years. How this position will enhance your skills and how the company will benefit from your experience.

Use phrases like:

  • I feel my skill set perfectly suits your team.

  • I am searching for a chance where I can use my professional experience to drive positive change in our community.

  • I have experience as a developer and seeking a career with a fast-growing company.

  • I am desperate to use my leadership skills to continue to increase the reputation and growth of the company.

7. Example:

Answer the questions with a sensible or real-world example that put a good impression on the interviewer. You'll be able to briefly explain the activity and a few results you observed. Short stories will also help you to answer the questions and will highlight your qualities or abilities when they focus on a few relevant details. You may start giving examples like:

  • May I share an example of how team-work for the project takes place?

  • I will answer this question with an example.

The secret of acing a job interview is to stop believing in LUCK and start believing in YOURSELF.


End your interview by emphasizing the last point but don't overreact and be confident until your interview lasts. Don't give random answers and be specific. Explain every point with clear wording and try to articulate a couple of things you appreciated about the work during the interview.


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