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Get Expert Guidance for Your Startup!

Become a unicorn startup in no time!

Get complete guidance on start-ups from our very own expert, who's a successful entrepreneur. From conceptualization to execution, ideas, initial steps in a start-up, and finance management, this 60-minute call can change the future of your start-up.

Learn from Ajinkya's experience.

Get all your questions answered.

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Ajinkya founded his own firm in the very first year of engineering and he's now a part of many ventures. From an investment of just Rs.100, Ajinkya has grown his firm to have millions of turnover. With his experience as an entrepreneur, Ajinkya is the best go-to person for a startup consultation. Having walked his journey on the same path, Ajinkya completely understands the potential challenges that you may face while setting up your own business. With his experience, he can guide you through your journey as an entrepreneur. He has the ability to foster your business by giving out the best possible solutions for all your business-related problems. And so we say, your business ideas when combined with Ajinkya's expertise can skyrocket your business growth. 

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From discussing your business ideas, to discussing a full-proof, solid plan for the implementation of those ideas, you can expect guidance for anything and everything in between. Realizing your dream is what matters to you and helping you live it, is what matters to us. This start-up consultation with Ajinkya can give you answers to all your question and actionable solutions to your business problems.

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Hear from an aspiring businessman, investing in this session will be the best investment you'll ever make. Ajinkya Sir is the best!


Great session and the best guidance I've ever received on my startup idea. I'm sure, I can kick start my business after investing in this session.  


Here's one of the best startup consulting in the town. Ajinkya Sir has some great experience and his experience can prove to be a guiding light for struggling start-ups.

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