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Hey, I am Ajinkya! I dream of a world where everyone has access to learning and believe that the right life skills can catapult everyone's career into growth!

Take your first step towards success!

Here's how Ajinkya can help

Excel in your personal and professional life by learning with Ajinkya, and taking free courses personally curated for all dedicated aspirants like you.

Invite Ajinkya to speak at your institution; impart profound knowledge, encourage future leaders, empower young minds and enable success.

Get Ajinkya's book today and take your first step towards becoming an exemplary communicator, public speaker and influencer in life.

Listen to Ajinkya's words along with a million others, and partake the wisdom that he gained from experience.

Acquire mastery over various life skills and get phenomenal insights on the same.



"Connect to Lead" is a complete guide to public speaking and communication skills. It's a work of Ajinkya's learnings from teaching - tens of thousands of students to build their soft skills and his journey of evolving from a petrified (to talk in front of a class) school student to a public orator.

The paperback version of the book is also launched globally in the following markets: India, USA, Japan, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy via their respective Amazon sites.

The E-book Kindle version is available across the globe in 196 countries!



Ajinkya is a successful entrepreneur; author of an acclaimed book that is available in 9 countries, and a passionate educator.

He is also one of India’s very few Avian Researchers and the vice-president of “The Feline Club of India.” which is India’s only cat registry!

Being a third-generation educator, he inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential. Ajinkya never tires of using his energy to transform the world, well-beyond the podium and public appearances, meshing traditional and social media to empower his audiences. He has trained tens of thousands of Graduates, empowering them over years to build successful Careers.

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