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10 Tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

LinkedIn is a professional platform that is used by millions of people in the world to grow their network and search for jobs. This platform helps people to build and maintain their professional identity. It's like a marketing tool where you can sell yourself as a brand. The first thing to do on LinkedIn is to make an impressive Linkedin profile, that should grab the attention of the recruiters and other professionals.

The first thing you should do as a Student is enhance your LinkedIn profile.”

Following are some simple yet helpful tips that will help you to make your Linkedin profile stand out from the rest:

1. Write an attention-grabbing headline:

Your headline has the potential to grab someone's attention or to create your first impression. It's not necessary to add your job title or company name in your headline, the headline should talk about you and your skills, what makes you better and differentiate from the others.

While writing a headline for your Linkedin profile make sure that you are creative enough to write an eye-catching headline that should grab the attention of anyone quickly.

If you don't know how LinkedIn works check out the article on Introduction to LinkedIn.

2. Choose a professional profile picture:

Uploading a professional-looking profile photo on LinkedIn is crucial as profile having a good photo of yourself has more chances of getting attention from recruiters than without having any profile photo. Profile pictures talk about your personality, if you don't have any idea about how should professional profile pictures look like, check out other experts profile pictures.

With huge numbers of profiles on LinkedIn, those without a profile photo are most likely to be left out.

3. Draft a summary worth reading:

Your summary is the longer version of your headline. It is similar to the headline but here you can add a brief description of yourself. Don't make it too large as people nowadays prefer to read short but informative content. Do not add inappropriate or irrelevant information in your summary, do not focus too much on past experiences.

This is an opportunity to showcase your skills and tell the recruiter how you are the perfect fit for their organization.

Use this section to your advantage creatively to paint a picture of who you are as a professional.

4. Work experience section:

In this section showcase more about your past work experience. Do not write too much about it. Only highlight the key aspects. Don't just mention your job title but mention your work, responsibilities, accomplishments.

Provide information about what you did for previous organizations and how they got benefits from that. This will add value to your profile.

5. Provide information about education:

Adding information about your education helps the recruiter to find the right match for the required position. This information has a power that can give you job opportunities as per your qualification.

For example, if you have attained a Master’s degree from a top institute, your chances of being hired by a reputed organization increase manifold.

6. Showcase your skills:

Find out or research for a list of skills and choose those skills which are relevant to you. Those skills should be like your unique selling point.

Don't add skills that are irrelevant to you or have nothing to do with what you can do.

7. Let your URL be customized by you:

Your LinkedIn URL containing your name and a few numbers in it is set by default when you create a LinkedIn account.

You can customize it to make it appear more relevant. You can easily change your URL. You just have to edit your public URL, a direct option is available on Linkedin to change your URL.

8. Highlight your achievements:

Recruiters are looking for people who have been performed extremely well and achieved something through it. Therefore, use this section as your advantage and showcase all your achievements and here.

Include what you have accomplished during the course of your education or what you have achieved while participating in any extra-curricular activities. Include certification and awards that you have achieved by participating in competitions.

9. You should have at least 50 connections:

Less than 50 connections can lead to ignorance from other experts on Linkedin and can create a negative impression. Recruiters might feel that you are socially inactive and you are not technologically updated.

Therefore, make a point to have a network of more than at least 200 Linkedin connections. Those having a good network in number and quality can have a high chance of getting connected with experts from the industries.

10. Ensure that people can find you:

Fill your contact information completely. Add your email address or Blog or Twitter handle to the contact information section of your profile. This will make it easy for people to find you on LinkedIn.

10 Tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out!

Stay active on LinkedIn. Keep posting articles, photos, or videos that deem to be helpful or worth sharing. You can share your achievements and relevant information that should add value to you and the reader.

I hope that these tips would help you make a winning LinkedIn profile.


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