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5 Mistakes That Don't Let You Speak In English Confidently

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

English is the most widely spoken language with as many as 1.3 billion people speaking English. We are all well familiar with English being spoken in a majority of countries as a primary Language.

It won't be an over-rated statement to say that English is primarily used for the majority of the official conversations. Interviews, business meetings, workplace presentations usually take place in English.

English is also the most commonly used Language on the Internet. And, being a part of this Digital Age, one must be able to read, write and speak in English.

Improving your English Speaking skills can help you get better at workplace communications. You could feel more confident while appearing for interviews and while giving out presentations.


Time for some stats!

According to the recently released 2001 Census on bilingualism and multilingualism in India, English ranked as India's Second language. Overtaking Bengali which was once India's Second largest used language, 125 million Indians reported using English as their second or third language.


Various resources are available that can help you learn English. You can learn not just to read and write but also speak English fluently with the help of courses, podcasts, news, web series and movies, English learning apps, and fun games.

However, there are certain mistakes that you might be making while learning English that can greatly hamper your confidence.

You might be practicing a little English every day. Taking different courses, reading books, articles, or even maintaining a journal to track your progress. Despite all the efforts you put in, you see no recognizable results.

You still feel nervous when asked to speak in public. You might still avoid speaking in English at the fear of being laughed at.

And if this is your story, this article's just for you. Because in this article we're quickly going to put light on mistakes that you might be making which don't let you speak in English confidently.

Without further ado, let's dive in.

1. Not using English in day-to-day life:

You are probably not using English in your daily conversations. You wait for an occasion where you'd speak in English. And thinking about 'how would I speak in English' makes you feel nervous.

To be able to speak in English with confidence, you must employ English as a part of your daily conversations. Start talking in English with your near and dear ones, with your friends, teachers, or your colleagues.

Don't be afraid of being wrong. Making mistakes is acceptable. Speak in English with people around you as much as you can. Ask for their feedback on how you did. Ask them if you did any mistake and try to avoid it the next time.

2. You Don't have a Proper 'Game-plan':

Have a plan. The way you might have a workout plan, a diet plan, or a study plan. Have an English learning plan too.

Having a clear picture of your goal and a path leading to it can help you in achieving what you desire.

Without a plan, you'd end up going in different directions to figure out where to start from and what to do next.

You might one day start with Grammar, go onto vocabulary the next day. Listen to a podcast, maybe with a hard-to-understand accent the other day, and land up in a mess. So, a solid plan will guide you through your goals.

3. Stressing too Much on the Grammar part:

Grammar rules can seem difficult at first. Especially if you are a beginner. Learning Grammar is necessary to speak correct English.

However, if you stress out too much on Grammar in the initial stage, you might land up fearing the language.

You might end up being confused. And you might even give up on learning English. Instead of getting Grammar correct in the first go, keep up with framing small sentences.

Keep up with the basic Grammar rules that help you understand the language and eventually, you can keep advancing.

4. Inconsistency is Your Enemy:

Inconsistency, procrastination is pulling you back. You're unable to defeat this enemy of yours.

Not having a proper plan and not following it can slow down your English learning process.

Think of why you want to learn English in the first place. Think of advantages that you'll be getting when you'd learn to use English effectively.

This would motivate you to do better. Have faith in yourself and your efforts. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Be consistent, confident, and keep progressing every day.

5. Remember, Learning English is a Journey:

Learning English is a journey. You cannot learn English or any other language for that matter in a couple of days. It takes time. And so you will.

You'll need your own time to master the English language. You'll need time to be able to speak fluently and confidently.

Being in a haste will not help you in any way. It would instead mess up your progress. So keep calm and don't get demotivated if you don't get results soon. Keep putting in efforts, keep learning.

Have faith that every effort that you put in is helping you get better at it. And will definitely yearn for good results, sooner or later.

Listed above are some of the common mistakes that can slow down your pace of learning English. However, with consistent effort and practice, you can definitely learn English and master the art of speaking in English.

With effective English speaking skills, you can accelerate your career growth. You can be open to opportunities to work across the globe with English-speaking skills to get you through conversations, no matter where you go.

Mastering the English language can greatly increase your confidence and you can perform to the best of your potential. You can eliminate the language barrier that often makes you feel nervous or anxious during public speaking and presentations.

Increasing use of the English language all over the world has necessitated better understanding and usage of the language. Remember, nothing is impossible. Learning a language might not be easy but it surely isn't impossible.

English or any other language, can be your friend if you let it be. Don't be scared to fail. Join hands with honest learning and consistency and you will surely succeed.

Let us know in the comments if you were making any of these mistakes and go on to avoid them. Happy learning!


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