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How to answer "What is your dream job?"

One of the most common and interesting interview questions asked is, what is your dream job?

A common misconception about this question is that we think that the recruiter wants us to say that the given job position itself is our dream job.

One of the major reasons why the interviewer asks you such a question is to check how passionate you are about your career goals, will you work with their organization for the long term, and what motivates you to do the job.

While you sit down to prepare your answer for this type of question, make sure you include your abilities and goals. The employer analyses if your goals align with those of the organizations through your answer.

Dream big, set goals, and take actions to fulfill them.

Before you apply for a job or go for an interview, take time to see how your dream job would look like. Make a note of it, based on your interests, passions, skills, and abilities. Make sure you know what job is your dream job before you go on to tell the employer.

Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare your answer:

How to answer what is your dream job?

1. Describe your job in general:

A great way to start your answer is to describe your dream job.

Tell your areas of interest. Show that whatever your work will be, will comprise of challenges that will require you to use your abilities.

Maybe a job where you will keep learning new things continuously. This will show the employer that you are an active and keen learner.

List out the technical skills needed for the job and add relevant skills based on the job posting. Tell them about your current job responsibilities and duties. Describe how you use your skills to accomplish your tasks.

2. Align your values with company values:

Your skills are important for you to get a job but also try to align your values with the company's values.

It helps the interviewer to know whether you will be able to fit into their culture and working style.

Employers want the candidate to stay in the organization for a longer period of time, so consider the company's values while writing your answer. You should consider the following points while focusing on companies values:

  • Work-life balance

  • Company Culture

  • Trust

  • Dedication

  • Excellence

  • Innovative

  • Recreation

How to answer what is your dream job?

3. Match your future goals with the position:

Matching your future goals with the position offered can show the employer that you are interested in the job position and will continue to work with the organization for a longer period of time.

Mention why you are interested in the job, what you can learn from the role to meet your future goals.

Tell the recruiter about your next five-years plan. This way they get to know your commitment, long-term objectives, and interest in the job position. While answering be strategic, align your goals with the company's long-term objectives.

This can help you to get selected for that position. Your goals should be simple, achievable, and clearly defined.

4. Discuss why you want this job:

Try to include a set of responsibilities mentioned in the job description.

Mention your skills and ability to solve the problems and how you can fulfill all the responsibilities given to you.

Show your enthusiasm and interest in that job position. You can discuss how the offered job position will help you to meet your career goals.

5. Mention your skills:

Every employer wants to select candidates who have skills relevant to the position offered. Mentioning skills that can prove to be effective and beneficial for the position offered can help you get short-listed for the job. Along with the skills required for the job offered, employers look for these common skills in a candidate:

  • Communication

  • Creative thinking

  • Teamwork

  • Problem Solving approach

  • Technical Skills

  • Management

  • Data Analysis

  • Decision Making

  • Active Listening

Collaborating with these skills and talking about how your dream job requires you to be a master of these skills, can definitely impress the employer.

Here are a few sample answers to this question:

  • My dream job will be a job where I will be able to apply my skills and abilities to the best of my potential. It will require me to be a continuous learner, a good team leader, and a great communicator. A job that can be challenging enough. And when I came across the job profile that this organization is offering I found it very interesting. Through the company's website, I got to know about the core values and the work culture of the company which looks very nurturing for its employees. The vision and future goals of this organization are very appealing and I am sure that I would love to contribute to the company's success. I am sure by starting my career with this organization, I can turn my dream job into a reality.

  • I have gained a lot of experience in the marketing domain. I now look forward to new opportunities and challenges to where I can apply the skills that I have gained. When I came across this job profile I was inspired to look forward to this job opportunity. I have gained positive feedback from my co-workers saying that I possess great leadership qualities and communication skills. I have been a leader of many projects in a previous job. I know how to handle members of the projects to increase productivity and effectiveness. I believe in making a difference through my work. And this job opportunity will help me grow in my career.

This article must have given you an idea about how to answer this very common interview question in a way that the employer is impressed and you convert your job interview into a job offer.

Make sure you prepare for this question well in advance. Align your career goals with the company's requirements. Show them that this job can be a milestone for you and that you are a good fit for it because this is the kind of job you wanted to do. Also, convince them that you love the job profile and you can give your best while working for it. This way you increase your chances of getting hired.

Refer to the above points and start preparing your answer right away.


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